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The reward for the final mission of the A Man of Few Words quest is a Clem Clone Blueprint, which works in the same way as specters, deploying a clone of Clem to fight. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. New Loka offers “Ancient Healer specter” companion which is like the Healer ancients you face off against in some Void missions or infested missions. Statistics The twin will cycle his weapons in response to Wukong's equipped weapons (i.e. Sentient Umbra can be harmed and takes full damage from any source, and once his health is depleted, he will stop moving and attacking until the Operator pilots him again. Healing Ancient heal radius reduced to 30m range (was infinite). Rhino Specter can use Roar to give all nearby Warframes increased damage for a 30 seconds duration. A Specter is an AI-controlled ally unit that will fight alongside a player for the duration of a mission. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ancient_Healer?oldid=2146301. Affinity They are light blue in color, with bright yellow-green mandibles. For a comprehensive user tested guide, see here. r/Warframe: Reddit community and official fansite for the free-to-play third-person co-op action shooter, *Warframe*. Relic packs The Vapor Specter (or Bronze Specter) blueprint is rewarded from Easy and Medium difficulty Rescue missions, and yields 10 Specter uses per build. does not judge me for my frame choice. Fixed offsets for Lunaro Riv Set chest armour pieces for several Warframes. Fixed a script error when spawning a Specter. Fixed a performance hitch related to Ancient Healers, Grineer Scorpions and other enemies that use a grappling hook. For defence Sorties, I use Trinity Prime as my Warframe, an Ancient Healer Spectre, usually an Ignis Wraith (unless Enemy Elemental Enhancements conditions are active), and give the defence target a Furis with Winds of Purity to help keep them alive. They aborted the mission which forced everyone in the squad out with nothing. Judging by the abilities specters tend to use, a Hydroid specter would theoretically splash at the enemy and spam rain, so that might be useful for light CC, don't know if it would drop tentacles as specters tend to stay away from abilities that physically move enemies. They hit our research site with a Warframe assault team. Flame Repellent 0.7587%Lightning Rod 0.7587%15 Endo 0.7587%50 Endo 0.6633%Seeker 0.0303%80 Endo 0.0303%. The drone does not and cannot obtain shields, and the limited 200 shield is gives to the specter will not recharge once depleted unless the Drone is killed and respawns, doing so in 30 seconds of being destroyed. All Specters who don't have the "bodyguard" AI type will only follow the player if they do not detect any enemies. Progress always comes entangled with risk, with violence. Level Scaling Likely tied to Inaros' passive ability. If there are no high-value allies nearby (players don't count) it will simply drift into the enemies instead. Heavy melee that applies damage reduction buff to allies. Syndicate Specters can be purchased by spending 2,500‍2,500 for a bundle of five. Appears to cast 3 times in a row more rapidly than possible for a player, but this is only an animation bug. Specter-like enemy Warframes also serve as enemies during specific Quests. ps. Warframe Ancient Healer Syndicate Specter. This weekly mission can be started by talking to him in his shop and asking if Clem needs help. --- The whole lab, vaporized, those Warframes with it. Duality's Specter has similar AI to Tenno Specters and will act as a bodyguard. As allies, Specters are AI-Controlled Warframe-replicants employing customizable load-outs (which are configured via the Foundry). The requirement is a Warframe specter. 7 – Health, ammo, energy restore & Ancient Healer specter. If they detect enemies, they will take the initiative to engage them regardless of where the player is. #1. We've done a general intelligence pass on their proficiency with Weapons, and we've also updated their power-casting logic. None of the others count. 5 Specters will spawn at the current enemy level, plus a few extra. Exposed to precept circuits, we are able to imprint behaviors! does not die while typing judgement about my frame choice. As my Archimedians explain, mimicry is in its nature. See, this is what gets me. The palace birds think they can control us. Contents. Weapons For clients this is unreliable and the osprey may ignore the commands anyway, and continue to fly into crowds of enemies and not be able to defend itself, being destroyed soon after. Damage done to you or linked allies with heal the specter as well as its own occasional healing pulses. Adjusted the Ancient Healers healing pulse to be similar to a Small Team Health Restore with decreased frequency and a slightly shorter radius to match the Aura. Fixed a script error that could occur when using a Garuda Specter. Warframe Ancient Healer Syndicate Specter. Unsure what a Trinity specter would do, but if it utilizes its abilities correctly it could possibly be the best one. They can be summoned via consumable Gear wheel items in all Missions except Archwing and Sanctuary Onslaught. --- Charger specters have a slightly smaller detection range and aggression towards enemies but never attempt to follow the player if enemies are nearby and its weak attacks often miss enemies who walk backward to avoid its attacks. The Xoris plays an important role in the creation of specters, being able to trap energy in the form of Specter Particles. They have their own set of weapons and/or abilities that they can use against enemies and are generally summoned via a consumable Gear item. Damage done to protected allies will heal the Ancient Healer (up to 150% health). Followers (Specters, Rescue Target, etc) no longer cancel charging if they switch targets while using a charging weapon. swapping to her Night Form results in a Day Form specter and vice versa), will not use abilities, and her Warframe and equipment stats will take into account of any mods installed, while also dealing increased damage (not modifiable). For example, Ancient Healer Auras still affected other Infested even if the Ancient Healer was Banished. Of course they did. The twin takes continuous health damage if it walks in range of a Nullifier Crewman's bubble or a Nul Comba's/Scrambus' aura, although nothing will happen to it if Wukong himself is affected by a Nullifier bubble. What Warframe Specter loadout is the best? Fixed enemies Banished by Limbo still being able to affect other non-Banished enemies with their auras. Void. Rescue targets award those blueprints, if your friend doesn't have one. Depending on the Warframe being used, each of these specters has its own specific AIs tailored to assist the player Tenno in their endeavor. The model is shared with the Toxic Ancient and the Ancient Disruptor, although the Toxic Ancient has a different black-green color scheme. They have their own set of weapons and/or abilities that they can use against enemies, and are generally summoned via a consumable Gear item. The blueprint is a one time use (providing 5x specters) and includes a Corrupted Bombard specter and an accompanying Orokin Drone. The Entrati have kept their secrets long enough. Sentient Umbra has similar AI to Tenno Specters and will act as a bodyguard. The game is currently in open … Shoutout. Fusion. Some doors ought to remain closed? Type Ancient Healer Specter > 95% of Warframe pub. The link range to other enemies is ten meters. Corrupted Eximus can also spawn in this variant. PREMIUM: 20. Unconfirmed: may stow Balefire after a set amount of time when shields are kept charged. This energy is speculated to be used in infusing 'programmed behavior' into bodies such as Warframes. Been playing for years and had no idea Ancient Healer Specters provided so much protection to a squad. Spawns at the starting level of the enemies in the current mission, plus three levels. Telling them to follow you and re-hold position can fix the issue temporarily. That's not in my world view. Clem will stay close to the player most of the time, and sometimes stop to engage the enemy for a while. Shield OspreyGuardian Eximus Specter(Cephalon Suda). A Specter Regiment was to be created through researching it in the Clan Dojo's Orokin Lab. Faction The blueprint is a one-time use item and produces 5 clones, and like normal specters deploying one in a mission will use one of them up, regardless of whether it is alive at the end of the mission. In total, three points can be attained in a mission: one point for rescuing the target, another point for not triggering the execution sequence in the process, and one more point for killing all the Wardens. Their blueprints can also be acquired from Syndicate death squads, with the type of blueprint awarded depending on their respective Syndicates. Specters of the Rail – changes to the Origin System are here, Tenno. Fusion. An echo. Warframe Specters can act as allies or enemies depending on the circumstances. The bundle provides 5x Corrupted Heavy Gunner specters and an accompanying Orokin Drone. Unlike the other two Ancients, Healers cannot affect other Ancients under its aura. Specters CANNOT cast the following Abilities: Vauban's Minelayer, Ivara's Zipline, Titania's Razorwing, Nekros’ Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead, Excalibur’s Exalted Blade, Valkyr’s Hysteria, Wukong’s Primal Fury, Cloud Walker, and Defy, Atlas’ Petrify and Tectonics, Limbo's entire kit (save for the damage aspect of Banish), and finally Zephyr’s Dive Bomb. MOA specters are one of two Specters that will take the initiative to follow the player, often walking backward as it fires at enemies. Fixed an issue with Ancient Healers being scaled incorrectly when affected by Well of Life. Equinox's  Duality augment for  Metamorphosis creates a temporary specter of Equinox herself armed with whatever weapon or gear item (the specter will not use gear items of any kind) she is currently using. Effective Health Fixed crashing when attempting to spam Specter spawns when in Titania’s Razorwing. Claws, Tentacle Specter's AI will lock up when staying in the same location as its Molt, making the Hold Position command highly detrimental. Inspiration passive activates whenever the Specter casts an ability. Ancients may lock-on to a target and charge at them with their knockdown attack when they are within sight range. Fixed friendly Specters suffering knockdown when deployed and taking entirely way too long to recover. When connected to said targets the Healer itself will gain a damage resistance boost as well. As such, they generally act like normal enemies such as taking cover or other similar behavior. They aborted the mission which forced everyone in the squad out with nothing. This aura not only grants 90% damage reduction, but also grants status and knockdown immunity to all under the aura. Very innacurate when in hands of a specter, but they have aimbot with bows and always hit headshots. It is unknown if it actually affects the weapon or the Specter itself. AiR_Wan15. When spawned during a Nightmare Mode mission, specters will attack the player instead of enemies, forcing players to play without an AI partner. Head: 2.0xBack "Crown": 0.5x 1 Tenno Specters; 2 Syndicate Specters; 3 Miscellaneous Specters. The specter will take the form of Equinox's opposite half (i.e. I recommend using one during Enhanced Star Fall since this attack combined with the Lightning can kill your operator very quick. That includes specters from the different Syndicates, which include MOAs, Shield Ospreys, Ancient Healers, Grineer Rollers, Infested Chargers, and Void soldiers. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Specter?oldid=2173615. Specters were developed by Corpus Founder Parvos Granum, spearheaded by his research in Specter Particle Theory. It too, however, can get stuck as it notices many enemies, in which it will decide the enemies are a bigger priority than the player. swapping to primary or secondary results in the twin using melee and vise versa), is affected by Cloud Walker's invulnerability and health restore per meter traveled, and will mimic Defy and Primal Fury, and his Warframe and equipment stats will take into account of any mods installed. stays near the objective when told to. Enemy Specters are primarily encountered as guardians of the Origin System's Solar Rail Junctions, and must be defeated to unlock connections to new planets and destinations on the Star Chart. If the player kills a Specter affected by. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Oddly enough, a specter's weapon can level up, shown in the media below. In Lore, the Ancients are described as being hundreds of years older than the Corpus, so their deformed shape could also be attributed to years of infestation and mutation. 400 Access to Syndicate Void Relic Pack. Infested Summoning another one while an identical Specter is active will kill the one already out. Base Level just wondering if there's any good ones out there for survival, arbitration and defection. Syndicate Specters can be purchased by spending 2,500‍2,500 for a bundle of five. General I baited them to do it. Besides that, you can make Specters of your own loadouts by playing Rescue missions and earning different tiers of Specter blueprints. Due to lack of armor or shields, the Red Veil's Charger Eximus Specter typically does not survive very long after being summoned. Fire. Ancient Healer Specters have a short ~15m aura that reduces damage by 90% for all friendly targets such as other players, allied specters, or Defense objectives. Warframe Specters were also used to guard a Clan's Solar Rail during Solar Rail Conflicts, before this game mode was discontinued. Its energy leech ability also does nothing to allies or enemies. Sentient Umbra can use abilities (with the exception of Exalted Blade), and will arm himself with a melee weapon (if he has one equipped) whenever an enemy comes within close proximity, and his Warframe and equipment stats will take into account of any mods installed. Especially when you are surrounded by enemy eximus units or have an extremely bullet spongy level 100 Lephantis boss fight at your hands. Fire. However, Sentient Umbra cannot die and will not use up a revive. The Corrupted Bombard Specter spawns with a small shield count which will recharge slowly as long as its drone is active. This has been a bug since the Specter existed and may be due to an issue where Heavy Grineer cannot obtain shields. Wukong's Celestial Twin creates a permanent specter of Wukong himself armed with whatever weapons in his arsenal. Sometimes things go south in sorties. Eighty mega-therm bloom. Void. Warframe Specters are now much smarter! 0000000000000000000000000000000000000175JavaScript not loaded. Fixed an issue where Harrow Specters casting ‘Condemn’ could cause a game hang. Like an infant mirroring her surrogate. that you need to set a loadout for when building, or one of the myriad other types of spectres (Clem clone, corrupted lancer, moa, shield osprey, ancient healer, etc)? The Corrupted Bombard Specter Blueprint was introduced as a Baro Ki'Teer exclusive specter, available for 100‍100 and 50,000‍50,000 between February 24 - 26, 2017 on PC. The specter will only last for a set duration (modifiable via Ability Duration) and will instantly die if it walks in range of a Nullifier Crewman's bubble or a Nul Comba's/Scrambus' aura. Healer, Melee, Knockdown Virtually every power is now castable with only a few exceptions! all-rounder for me is a Cosmic specter: EV build + zarr (radiation + rate) good for defense and interception. Tenno Specters don't rely on Energy, instead of utilizing a short cooldown system for their abilities. The Corrupted Heavy Gunner Specter Blueprint was introduced as a Baro Ki'Teer exclusive specter, available for 100‍100 and 40,000‍40,000 between May 4 - 6, 2018 on PC. Ancient Healer specters will slowly walk towards enemies until they are in range, and then charge as a normal Healer would do. Shield Ospreys have both the "bodyguard" AI and the normal enemy AI; they will attempt to stay close to other deployed specters, defense objectives, or other high-value allies even if they detect enemies. Fixed Ancient Healers trying to heal dead avatars. Contesting Clans would have to face these Specter Regiments in order to seize control of territory. Specter corpses do not despawn. You need to be prepared for those times. The Corrupted Lancer and Ancient Healer specters become very powerful due to this, becoming massive bullet sponges. The drone does not and cannot obtain shields, and the limited 200 shield is gives to the specter will not recharge once depleted unless the Drone is killed and respawns, doing so in 30 seconds of being destroyed. Upon successful defeat of a certain syndicate's death squad/platoon, you may earn the blueprint to build that syndicate's specters. A target entering. If they detect an enemy nearby, they may do the following: Corrupted lancers will sprint for cover and stay in that cover until enemies get near or until the enemy it detected dies (even if it is in another room). i heard banshee spectre is good too and loki. provides status immunity within 10m just by existing. The Cosmic Specter (or Platinum Specter) blueprint is rewarded from Hard and Nightmare difficulty Rescue missions, and yields a single Specter usage per build.

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