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Due to Fred's inability to fight crime by himself without causing damage, Hiro comes up with Mini-Max, a miniature "sidekick" to babysit Fred while the rest of the team are in class. They eventually realize that if they make Nega-Globby stronger, he can escape Globby and they do so with Honey Lemon's new formula. After giving a vague answer, Hiro begins to suspect that something is wrong. They discover that she goes to the Muirahara Woods to go bird watching, but they end up getting lost when all their technology including Baymax begins to malfunction. TV series: Professor Granville • Obake • Baron Von Steamer • Karmi • High Voltage • Richardson Mole • Globby • Felony Carl • Momakase • Mad Jacks • Mini-Max • Mr. Sparkles • Wendy Wower • Trevor Trengrove • Noodle Burger Boy • Lenore Shimamoto • Trina • Liv Amara • Di Amara • Orso Knox • Megan Cruz • Chief Cruz • Chris • AC and DC • Nega-Globby • Mayoi • Supersonic Sue • Hardlight • Roddy Blair Amara gets annoyed at Big Hero 6 and she creates a Bessie/Bear hybrid creature to rob the bank of its gold. Later, Mochi runs from home so that he will not go to the vet, but gets stuck in an air vent in a warehouse. Big Hero 6: The Series is an American superhero comedy animated television series, produced by Disney Television Animation and developed by Buzz Lightyear of Star Command & Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley.The series is based on Disney's 2014 film Big Hero 6, which itself is loosely based on the comic book series Big Hero 6 published by Marvel Comics. They hide out at a warehouse where Fred decides to own up to his mistake, but Mini-Max fixes his suit and they escape. Every short starts with Baymax saying, "Hello, I am Baymax," with some variables such as his outfit. Hiro discovers that Major Blast once fought Boss Awesome back in the past, but that any information regarding the villain is almost nonexistent. Throughout the day, Hiro's friends all contribute to his increasingly jarring and bizarre tale. Fred is attacked by a creature that quotes Shakespeare's The Tempest. They rescue Knox and return him with Karmi hinting that she does have some concern for Hiro. This short premiered in Sweden on January 11, 2018. He soon discovers Alistair Krei's latest invention, a rip-off of Hiro's microbot neurotransmitter, and tries to steal it too. The group suggests Hiro confront her about it, but he refuses to be rebellious this semester. Krei demonstrates his wilderness skills and gets Hiro, Go Go and himself out, but Ludd follows them. Amara arrives with Karmi and Chris and "aid" Big Hero 6 in defeating the Mayoi while Mr. Sparkles escapes. They decide to team up with him to thwart Big Hero 6 instead and a fight in the streets ensues. Hiro and Baymax sneak into Krei's office and manage to learn where the Guardians are being made, but the rest of the team fall into a trap set up by Cruz and are caught. Meanwhile, Hiro begins following Granville when he becomes suspicious of her past. The rest of the team, along with Mini-Max, are redirected into the city to face their mutated foes. Despite Big Hero 6's indifference, and Wasabi's love of the group, they are forced into it. Globby wants to go back to being Dibs when he realizes that it is difficult to get a job. However while giving a concert, Steamer takes over 4 2 Sing's dragon transport with the music group failing to stop him. While the rest of the team try to rescue Roddy, Wasabi finally teaches his class by using Mini-Max as a distraction. Obake examines the scanned journal and finds hidden formulas on the blank pages. Hiro quickly creates a robotic replica for him to control and they defeat the Jacks and get the chip back to Krei. Fred does not find the present so he, Hiro and Baymax begin searching. The series is based on Disney's 2014 film Big Hero 6, which itself is loosely based on the comic book series Big Hero 6 published by Marvel Comics. When Hiro learns that Tadashi needed help when building Baymax, he sympathetically decides to help her and the two end up bonding and succeeding. They discover that she goes to the Muirahara Woods to go bird watching, but they end up getting lost when all their technology including Baymax begin to malfunction. Nevertheless, Fred aids the rest of the team into fighting an overpowered Steamer and Sue, but get unexpected help Mr. Frederickson as Boss Awesome. They fail to show up to aid the team when battling Noodle Burger Boy who is on a mission to create a new family using other mini A.I. She calls Hiro for help and he arrives with Baymax where he fights Bessie. This episode is an hour and a half special. He then announces his intent to leave the Fredericksons as he is in danger. It premiered with a 43-min… Afterwards, 4 2 Sing ineptly thank Big Hero 6 by throwing another concert with Wasabi excitedly dancing with them. The gang use it to make it snow outside for Christmas. With Hiro and Baymax's help they defeat Cobra once again and Fred convinces Heathcliff to come back and work for him. It is at this point that Baymax reveals that the present is from Tadashi. He gives a speech about him to the applause of many. The shorts are computer animated and made through Unity. Music: Soundtrack. This short premiered in the United Kingdom on January 8, 2018. The Big Hero 6 stop the train and Hiro tosses the paperweight into the sky where it safely explodes. The group reveal to Honey that they knew all along that she took SFAI classes and that they do not care. Hiro, concerned about Cass finding out about his place in Big Hero 6, decides to set her up on a date with no success. While Hiro spies on them, the rest of the team discover that when the drones get wet, they attack everyone regardless. He thinks the idea is stupid, especially when Karmi comes in with her Big Hero 6 fanfic, so he decides to write a Big Hero 6 story of his own. Hiro, Baymax and Cruz end up in Muirahara Woods where they are shot down by Bessie who is violent. The Big Hero 6 stop the train and Hiro tosses the paperweight into the sky where it safely explodes. This short premiered in Sweden on January 18, 2018. Meanwhile, Globby returns with the intent of stealing a painting called "City Rises". Honey later tells her that she can finally move back into her dorm which surprisingly affects Go Go. This turns out to be part of Obake's plan, as Krei searches the chip to find nothing, but Obake gets information from Krei including the identity of Hiro Hamada. While useful at first, the suit causes problems for him at school and he cannot seem to remove it. However, Globby misinterprets Honey's advice and decides to become a villain instead. After the events, Hiro and his friends regroup and wonder how Obake knows them so well, while Noodle Burger Boy delivers the magnet to Obake, so he can use it for the machine he is building. He kidnaps Wasabi instead, mistaking him for Fred, and the rest of the team contact Mr. Frederickson for advice. Later, Mochi runs from home so that he will not go to the vet, but gets stuck in an air vent in a warehouse. In order to help, Fred has to visit his arch-nemesis, Richardson Mole who has in his possession issue 188 of Captain Fancy. Another series of shorts were released on November 6, 2018 under the title Big Chibi 6: The Shorts. Meanwhile, Fred attends a Noodle Burger taste testing and runs into Mole and they discover that they have a lot more in common than they realize. Hiro boosts Baymax's battery, which causes Baymax to go into overdrive. Yama pressures Hiro to retrieve the paperweight in exchange for the skeleton. Meanwhile, Megan continues to search Big Hero 6's identities and interviews Krei and Granville when she notices their many encounters with them. When he tries taking the orb for himself, he is electrocuted and forgets their identities. The Big Hero 6 fight Hardlight and defeat him with Cruz's help. Dibs, realizing they need help, recreates his accident and becomes Globby again, devouring Nega-Globby. Meanwhile, Momakase's employer Yama, reveals that she only stole half of the gravity device. Meanwhile, Fred buys the original prop from the monster movie. While finishing up on their project, Baymax is kidnapped by Noodle Burger Boy. Upon examining the data, Hiro learns that the chip has Obake's programming on it. Trina returns to her "father" Obake and it is revealed that Trina is in fact a robot trying to get info on Hiro. Hiro is assigned a project by Granville that involves creating a structure that could withstand an earthquake. There are several other Disney Random Rings shorts, but this is the first to feature characters from Big Hero 6: The Series. Now fugitives, Big Hero 6 lays low as the SFPD searches for them; new villain Hardlight shows up hoping to challenge Big Hero 6 to a real-life video game duel. Wasabi has a fear of public speaking and cannot teach the class without tensing up for six hours. Three animated shorts called Baymax Dreams premiered September 15, 2018 simultaneously on Disney Channel and YouTube. Roddy builds a giant robot named Mega-Max, which he and Mini-Max pilot, to defeat the Guardians, while Hiro has several Megabots change the Guardians' AI chips to healthcare. The Big Hero 6 arrive, but are all captured just as the island's structure is to be disintegrated. Globby learns that he can mimic the appearance of anyone and Big Hero 6 decide to use the abandoned Frederickson chocolate factory as their new headquarters. Felony Carl gives up the information and Fred's butler, Heathcliff, poses as a wealthy socialite so that he can join the racing challenge. Together, they manage to stabilize it before it destroys the city and Sirque escapes. Roddy completes the conference room for the lair while Hardlight is revealed to be Ian, an employee working at Krei Tech. El Fuego is arrested and Hiro learns that he does not need to defend Tadashi's brilliant work. Amara visits the Frederickson residence where Hiro asks her how Knox is doing. The team successfully defeat Trina and her robot uprising. Mel uses the drone technology to pose as Krei and get his plans back. He warns Fred to stay away, but he and Mini-Max arrive to help Heathcliff regardless. While Big Hero 6 continue to stop crime, 4 2 Sing gets all the credit by posing and rack up points, effectively "beating" them. The team come to his rescue with Fred ultimately defeating him. While testing out Fred's new chameleon suit, Hiro is informed by Cass that she has set up a date with a girl named Megan Cruz. Meanwhile, Krei introduces his new defense drone which Hiro points out could potentially be flawed due to some bugs. While Supersonic Stu busts his grandmother Supersonic Sue out of prison, Granville asks Wasabi to substitute for an absent teacher. They crash the dance that Hiro and Megan are attending. Three animated shorts called Baymax Dreams premiered September 15, 2018 simultaneously on Disney Channel and YouTube. An acrobatic scientist named Celine "Sirque" Simard steals information on Silent Sparrow from Krei. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang watch over the café until Mochi sneaks out forcing Fred, Baymax and Minimax to go get him. Momakase tells Amara Hiro's identity and she goes after Karmi. mascots, the Hangry Panda and Crushroom. Hiro and Baymax arrive to rescue him, but Hiro suddenly becomes sick. Cass and Big Hero 6 become victorious and Bolton apologizes with Cass returning his knives from her now large collection. Hiro discovers that Karmi moved away, but is happy to see she is still writing fanfics. water, acid, metal, chocolate etc.). Episode: Date: Title: Description: 13: 11/9/2020: De-Based: When Basemax opens a spam email, … Cass breaks up with Krei after seeing him for who he is. Hiro looks at his body cam footage from the portals and discovers that the original Baymax is still there. He visits Big Hero 6 where Honey Lemon deduces that he shares a psychic link with him and the group reluctantly agree to have her develop an artificial brain for Nega-Globby to remove his animalistic urges. Megan decides not to tell her father about Big Hero 6 and writes an article about their importance. Dr. Trevor Trengrove is giving a lecture at SFIT, but Hiro is not allowed in due to the age restrictions, forcing him as well as Fred and Baymax to listen to children's scientist Wendy Wower.

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