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For the visitor just arrived off the train or airport bus the ATAF booth, located in Piazza Station (on the left as you exit SMN station) sells tickets, gives out information and provides maps of the bus routes. The first line in the present network was opened in 2010 to link the city center with the neighboring comune of Scandicci; the second line opened on February 11, 2019, linking the city center with Florence Airport. 3 LINES. A bus shuttle called Volainbus runs about every 30 minutes between Florence Airport and a bus station close to Santa Maria Novella train station on the edge of the historic centre of Florence. $160 $ 50. Public transport in Florence is dominated by the bus network. UNLIMITED. Please note that the discussion was closed to any additional postings as of Nov 1, 2016 and, as such, some of the information contained herein may be outdated and cannot be commented on by travelers at this time. Office for citizen relations. Even if you have a hotel in the outer city it is unlikely these will be of value. UNESCO Heritage. Creating a Tramway service in Florence is a demanding job that, once complete, will redesign the traffic conditions of the city streets, focusing on a means of public transportation that is non-polluting and that is designed to considerably reduce private traffic and its resultant emissions of CO2. You really should buy your tickets in advance, you can buy from the driver but there is a big price penalty for doing so and they are not obligated to give you change. 10GB. Finally, the Structural Plan contains other further projections on the future development of the Tramway System (Line 2bis projected subway to Historical Center - Line 4 - Line 5). Découvrez le plan détaillé de la ligne 12 du métro de Paris. Travel Video Guide about Florence. These are the suburban bus services that radiate out from the centre. Share your knowledge. Live photogallery of Florence, Italy. So if Florence is your first city in Italy and you're flying into Italy, there is a good probability you'll be flying into Pisa Airport, not Florence Airport. Although Florence has its own airport quite close to the city of Florence, it is not used that widely by airlines, although national carriers like Lufthansa do have schedules. There is a tram and some commuter train services to stations in Florence suburbs but these are not relevant to most leisure visitors. INDIA. Although Florence is a city that's easy to explore by foot, sometimes a taxi is a good option to get from A to B quickly. Metro Parkings Fuel stations Ports/Ferries. This article contains a discussion by Tripadvisor members concerning the above topic. Access to T-Mobile's 5G … However Florence is full of narrow alleys and lanes far too narrow for buses, so these have limited access to the sights. Then there is a comprehensive network of frequent bus routes run by ATAF and LI-nea that radiate out from the periphery of the historic centre to all of the suburbs. Since the Duomo area is now pedestrian-only area, most buses either can be picked up outside the Santa Maria Novella train station or in Piazza San Marco. Shopping. The good news is that despite the various operators there is an integrated common ticketing system. Although Pisa Airport is 85km (50miles) from Florence, it is more widely used by airlines, including the low cost budget airlines like Ryanair and easyJet as well as traditional national carriers like British Airways. Hotspot not included. If you are staying in accommodation outside the historic centre it will be one of these buses you use. Florence is a great city to discover by foot. This is the start of a mysterious and fascinating trip: a voyage across more than 20 centuries of creativity through which art and history intertwine, telling the story of what human ingenuity has created through the ages. Since the Duomo area is now pedestrian-only area, most buses either can be picked up outside the Santa Maria Novella train station or in Piazza San Marco. Plan (gratuit) à enregistrer sur son portable en PDF ou JPG. A useful map of parking lots around Florence's historical center, perfect for leaving the car outside the ZTL while you visit for the day. Like the City Line there is no single hub in the centre of Florence, but Santa Maria Novella train station or Piazza San Marco both have a very high density of routes that stop at these strategic points. This website is property of Civitatis Tours SL. In July 2019, the Florence ATAF buses had a contactless system installed on 355 buses plus the airport bus. Health/Sport. For the visitor to Florence the city is very compact, the historic city centre has nearly all the attractions most first-time visitors want to see - walking is the way to get around once you are in the centre. Name: METRO Cash and Carry India Private Limited Address of the Registered office: 26/3, Industrial Suburbs, 'A' Block, Subramanyanagar, Ward No.9, Bangalore 560055. Stream 40+ music apps without using up your data. $100. A map of the drinking fountains that you can find in the center of Florence. Corporate Identity Number: U51909KA2001PTC028483 Customer Service Number: 1860-266-2010 Customer Service eMail ID: wecare@metro.co.in If your query is not resolved in 48 hours to your satisfaction kindly write to us at … Almost 100 bus lines weave through the city of Florence. Bus stops and the terminus for each route are dispersed over quite a wide area. Food/Money. It is located in the northwest corner of central Florence. The current network operator is GEST (Gestione Servizio tramviario), a subsidiary of the French RATP. In February 2010 the inaguration of the Florence tram took place, and there are currently three active lines. Music Unlimited Included. L’aller simple présente une durée de 90 minutes dès sa validation. Access to T-Mobile's 5G Network. Airport transfers between Florence & Pisa Airports and Florence City Centre - full details. Beauty/Medicine. . CREDITS SITEMAP ACCESSIBILITY MISSION ITALIAN VERSION In partnership with . And the city also has a special night service called "Nottetempo". You can walk from one end to the other of the historic city centre in about 15 minutes or less. Florence Airport is called in Italian Aeroporto di Firenze-Peretola and its formal name is Amerigo Vespucci Airport. comunefirenze@comune.fi.it PEC Posta Elettronica Certificata. You basically have 90 minutes on your ticket, so you could get on and off onto different buses using the same ticket. Walking is by far the best way to explore Florence once you are in the centre. The Florence tramway network (Italian: Rete tranviaria di Firenze) is an important part of the public transport network of Florence, Italy.It consists of two operational light rail lines.. Florence, like many other Italian cities, closed down its old tramway network at the end of the 1950s, but has come back to trams in recent years to find a solution to the rising car traffic in the city. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver, but you pay a substantial premium, nearly double the price of buying your ticket in advance. Please take this into account when making your travel plans. Trains going to Bologna, Milan, Venice, Rome and Naples depart almost every hour. $70. If you are staying in the city centre or close-by you will not need to take any type of public transport. Florence Airport, is called Amerigo Vespucci and situated on the north-west outskirts of Florence, just 4km from the city centre. Ceux-ci peuvent s’acheter dans les stations de métro, les bureaux de tabac et les kiosques à journaux.. Aller simple. Find out how to get around Florence by public transportation and how to use the buses, trams and taxis as well as other modes of transport in the city. 34€ offert sur AirBnB. Save $10 on each additional line. Find out about the various types of transport tickets and travel cards to get around Florence and discover which is best for your stay in the city. Plan du métro à télécharger. Elsewhere, tickets can be purchased from authorised sales points (coffee shops, tobacconists, newsagents etc) that have "ATAF" stickers on their shop windows. 2 LINES. There is no central bus station for all of these routes. You can use your contactless card to pay and if asked, you tell the inspector the last four digits of the card used to make the payment. The bus network can be divided into two segments. For the visitor just arrived off the train or airport bus the ATAF booth, located in Piazza Stazione (on the left as you exit SMN station to the left) sells tickets, gives out information and provides maps of the bus routes. HIGH-SPEED. Métro 100% gratuit pour les moins de 18 ans. Le métro de Lisbonne est l’option la plus rapide pour parcourir de grandes distances.Il est considéré comme l’un des métros les plus beaux et propres d’Europe.. L’inauguration du métro a eu lieu en 1959 avec le trajet qui reliait Sete Rios et Entrecampos.L’extension plus importante du métro a eu lieu à partir de 1988, lorsque l’entreprise s’est nationalisée. The city of Florence has almost 100 bus lines, and a special night service, making it very well connected. Discover how to use the Florence tram. 4 LINES. Our articles about Florence: Travel guide to Florence Uffizi. HIGH-SPEED. The National Museum of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Uffizi is widely known as one of the most important museums in Florence. This allows you to get on and off onto different buses and you use the same ticket if there is no direct bus. The date and time is then printed on the ticket, starting the time validity of your ticket. The City Line bus map shows the ones that cross the historical centre of Florence, the C1, C2, C3 and D bus routes. PlandeParis.info - Tous les plans de Paris en un clic (Plan de métro, plan de Paris, carte des arrondissements, cartes de RER et de bus) - metro de paris - 5 LINES. One bus ticket gives you 90 minutes from the time you validate your ticket on the validating machines inside the bus to completion of your journey. Article History (15) Comments (1) If traveling by train Florence's central station is called Santa Maria Novella (Search for Firenze SMN if you are booking online). Zone O ZTL Discover the prices and bus lines in Florence. Whether you’re looking for individual or family plans, Metro has the best phone plan for you. La ville de Florence compte différents types de tickets de transport. 1 x 90 minute ticket (bought in advance) €1.50, 1 x 90 minute ticket (bought from bus driver) €2.50, 10 x 90 minute tickets (bought in advance) €14.00. ZTL Florence, Italy. It is located just 10 km away from Florence. Tickets: at Piazza Stazione for Florence ATAF city bus. BPG vous offre 25€ de réduction immédiate et 9€ supplémentaire sur le prochain séjour AirBnB. $ 40. After you get on, make your way to the nearby ticket validating machine and put your ticket in. Florence ZTL - Restricted Driving Zones in Florence. The City Line bus map shows the ones that cross the historical centre of Florence, the C1, C2, C3 and D bus routes. There is a city centre bus network called 'Le City Line de Firenze" that has a small network of 4 routes covering a quite small area in and immediately around the historic centre. City services Useful services. $130.

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