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“But after about an hour, she screamed so loudly that we couldn’t calm her down”, he remembers. It certifies products that pose no threat to the user if used correctly. Osprey offers two excellent child carrier packs, which mainly differ by size (volume for equipment) and thus price: the… We asked him to judge our products. The prototype had passed the test with flying colours! “To us, it was a more important mode of transport than the buggy”, says Micha Bahr. The carrier seat, the safety belt system and the access for the child are the best and safest that the market has to offer right now.”. Check the child carrier for any damage before each use. German Deuter offers four child carrier packs: Deuter Kid Comfort (14l), Deuter Kid Comfort Active (12 l –also comes in a SL version specifically for women) and Deuter Kid Comfort Pro (22 l). * PES stands for polyester. RRP (0) Deuter AViANT Carry On 28. Therefore, the new Deuter product had to feature an adjustable back length. “I want to go up there!”, he says with enthusiasm.”. Now, the seat inside the carrier can be easily adjusted in height – and in doing so, becomes wider the more it goes up, for an age-appropriate seating position. This special surface treatment causes water to roll off the outside of the textiles. The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro passes the criteria set out at the start of the review with flying colours, being safe and comfortable for the child, as well as providing a high level of support for the adult who's carrying it. “We call this new Kid Comfort Pro ‘the throne,’ because it’s far and away the most spacious and luxurious ride available for the little ones,” said Deuter USA President Bill Hartrampf. Thirty minutes later, Bernd got a call back. The side access and the easy-to-access belt system of the child frame ensure safety – guaranteed by the TÜV GS safety seal of approval. Make sure that the seat belt is adjusted exactly to your child’s requirements. To ensure the water and dirt repellent properties, we use a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) coating that is safe for health and environmentally friendly and completely PFC-free. Compare. High-performance materials with PFC-free dirt- and water-repellent impregination: The side entry and the easy-to-use harness system ensure safety, guaranteed by the TÜV GS safety seal of approval. Best Price Guarantee. For the individual adjustment of the load distribution on the shoulders. The child sitting in the carrier will suffer from bad weather conditions more quickly and strongly than the adult in motion. MSRP is $330. Every year, the Zugspitze attracts many hikers to its summit. Compare. Do not place the child carrier with the child inside on tables or high surfaces. This keeps the material dry and nature clean. This wasn’t a difficult task for the paediatric surgeon as his family had been travelling with child carriers for years. The result amazed both of them: after 75,000 load changes, the baby carrier was still completely intact. Best Price Guarantee. The child is afforded great comfort: the large, soft pillow gently braces the tired child’s head, even in the corners, and supports a relaxing nap. Bernd Kullmann developed the Deuter Comfort I with the variable, adjustable VariQuick back system. A wooden baby with a 5 kg weight plate was placed into the seat and the test was ready to start. Riders will find a large, soft pillow ready for anytime-naps, and parents will enjoy the additional padding and room for snacks, toys, and first aid items. They had been enjoying life too much and were spending a large part of their time in the mountains climbing and skiing. Bernd Kullmann – former managing director of Deuter – developed the first prototypes and tested them with his children. The top-of-the-line Kid Comfort Pro incorporates all the features of Kid Comfort with the addition of an integrated day pack and a pronounced, extra-tall, high-back padded cockpit for kids. £279.95. The pro child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable daypack, a fixed sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. With this flexible construction, we were able to solve one of the most crucial safety issues: in our new footrests, the little ones aren’t able to push themselves so hard that they could stand up or make the child carrier swing as that would be dangerous. It is tear and abrasion resistant, watertight to 1500 mm yet still lightweight. “The swaying movement reminds the children of when they were in their mother’s womb and calms them. Share: Product description ... Deuter Kid Comfort Pro Baby Carrier. He called Pit Schubert, chartered engineer and, at the time, safety expert for the German Alpine Association, and explained his issues. Sensitive young skin needs to be shielded from sunlight with a sunroof. To make our child carriers optimally meet parents’ and children’s requirements, we got some help from an independent expert – Dr Micha Bahr, director of Child and Adolescent Surgery in the Ingolstadt Clinic. Therefore, please ensure that the child is dressed appropriately and conduct regular temperature checks on the child’s hands and feet whilst on the go. The smaller the child is, the wider apart their legs should be when seated.”. Only transport your child with the seatbelt fastened. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, we earn from qualifying purchases. For hands-on mothers, there is this frame backpack as an SL option: the carrying system is specially adapted to the female anatomy – for mothers looking for a child carrier that fits them perfectly with slimmer shoulder straps and conically shaped hip fins. The child must not stand on top of the child carrier’s seat. So, Bernd began to work on criteria together with the TÜV in order to improve the child carriers’ product safety. Dr Bahr offered valuable suggestions from his own experience. When his eldest daughter was one year old, they went to the Hochgrat. The paediatric surgeon is impressed: “That’s an ingenious solution. It's got a bombproof feel to it so is likely to last a lifetime, hence the price of £280 seems more than justified. 40% off . Deuter Kid Comfort Pro + Integrated Sunroof & Small Backpack $ $539.90. In addition to the right backpack, the right adjustement plays a decisive role for perfect wearing comfort. Auf einer gemeinsamen Wanderung haben sie die Deuter-Kraxen durchgetauscht und im direkten Vergleich ausprobiert. The angle of the hip joint and, thus, the flow of vessels and nerves, change as the child grows. No problem: the registration only takes a short moment. After some in-depth conversations, a solution was found: the VariQuick carrier system, developed by us only a few years prior for trekking backpacks, could now be translated into a kid carrier. Known from household utensils, tools and toys: the voluntary quality mark “GS” for manufacturers stands for tested safety [“Geprüfte Sicherheit” in German] pursuant to the requirements of the Product Safety Act. About. The large, soft pillow gently braces the tired child‘s head even in the corners and supports a relaxing nap. The child carrier fits snuggly while the back is fully ventilated. Register in two easy steps. They are also characterized by high elasticity and low weight. From a new plastic joint with spacers to avoid children getting their fingers stuck in the frame to pollutant tests, safety instructions and an endurance test, there was a lot to do. For this list we chose the Deuter Kid Comfort (14l) as it has many of the same features of the Pro model but is slightly cheaper. The adult carrying the child must be very cautious when bending forward or leaning. Wir haben vier Bergsportler (drei Väter und eine Mutter, jeweils mit Kind im Alter von ein bis drei Jahren) gebeten, die neuen Kindertragen von Deuter zu testen. The reason for this: her little leg had gone numb. There is also a sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. PA fibres are extremely durable and abrasion-resistant. A wooden dummy was mechanically moved during the endurance test simulating the upwards motions. Deuter has continuously developed the TÜV-certified Kid Comfort children carriers in recent years. However, there was also something to improve upon. The model of an American brand was uncomfortable, yet the mobility with a toddler on your back seemed infinite. Especially with loads of more than ten kilograms and long walking times, individual adjustment is crucial for wearing comfort. The Deuter Kid Comfort Pro is the updated (in 2019) version of the former Deuter Kid Comfort III. £19.95. In tests conducted by TÜV SÜD, our child carriers prove their chemical harmlessness, safety, high capacity, simple handling and carry comfort. Deuter has continuously developed the TÜV-certified Kid Comfort children carriers in recent years. “That’s crucial for their development”, says Dr Bahr und concludes: “You can certainly say that children would have a healthier development of perception if we didn’t drive them around in a car so much, walked more and carried the children while doing so.” Just like our author’s son: “My 4-year-old son asked me during the hike: “Mum, what’s that mountain over there called?” It was the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. The following topics have operating instructions that can be downloaded as a PDF here: © 2020 Deuter Sport GmbH – All rights reserved, Operating instructions for the Deuter child carriers. The backpack includes a smaller day pack for short day tours. And that has been the case ever since 1996 – back then, our child carriers were the first ones with a TÜV SÜD-GS certificate worldwide. This fabric has a very tight weave and despite the lower strength of 210D it is still very robust. Kid Comfort Pro. Shopping around for the best carrier for your family? Deuter Kid Comfort Pro ad OutDoor 2018 - Summer 2019 - YouTube The change was even greater for his wife as journeys from the car to the cliff were really quite limited with a buggy as the mode of transport. Falling or slipping may lead to the child getting severely injured. The Kid Comfort is only suitable for adults transporting children. When the Kullmanns welcomed a second child to their family, Bernd deemed it necessary to try and design such a child carrier. The carrier must always be set down carefully. Additionally, your child should always be protected from scattered light with a sunblock! A smoothly adjustable sternum belt ensures the backpack is fixed firmly to the shoulders. There is also a fixed sun roof and a mirror for a quick rear-view of the child on the back. 2 colours available from: $179.90 $ $154.90. Our long-term production partner was aghast at this idea at first and wondered what these Germans had come up with this time. The child should be able to sit upright independently. The development of our frame backpacks is a good example. Add to Basket. The latest model series has been successfully available for sale since 2019. The carrier is suitable for leisure activities, but not for sporting activities such as biking, skiing or similar. 20,000 load changes were to be conducted, which equates to 20,000 metres in altitude difference going up or down. The professional child carrier comes with an integrated, separately useable day pack for quick runs to the changing room or en route to the buggy. This is why we equip our models with VariQuick or VariSlide systems from a volume of 35 liters upwards. © 2020 Deuter Sport GmbH – All rights reserved. The latest model series has been successfully available for sale since 2019. The TÜV colleague had completely forgotten about the test setup, however, and rushed to the test. PES fibres are very tear and abrasion resistant and hardly absorb moisture. Of course, they also enjoy the direct vicinity to the carrier and mum and dad’s hair offers a varied playground.” Studies in brain research show that the swaying three-dimensional movements whilst walking stimulate the babies’ and toddlers’ balance. Pit Schubert referred Bernd to the TÜV. Two days later, Bernd called the TÜV to ask about the results. 40% off . We won’t stop working on continuously improving. He and his wife decided to have a family relatively late in life. Best Price Guarantee . In a factory in Asia, Bernd then discovered the simple but ingenious solution – a child carrier that was very little known to us in the early 90s. Compliance is checked by independent inspection companies such as TÜV SÜD. Deuter Sun Roof for Kid Comfort and Kid Comfort Active (2019 +) £22.95 Quantity. In doing so, he had to find a solution to a big problem – the back length of the “American” fitted Bernd, but was too large for his more petite wife. Deuter: one of the leading manufacturers of high quality backpacks, from trekking backpacks to daypacks, hiking backpacks, travel bags and child carriers. Suitable for children from about 8 months. Sie sollten herausfinden, welches Modell ihre Ansprüche am besten erfüllt. So, when his daughters were able to sit on their own, they swapped their baby sling for a baby carrier – and the girls accompanied their mum and dad in any terrain. 600D corresponds to 600 grams per 9000 meters. Deuter Baby Carrier Chin Pad / Headrest. The Bahr family includes three daughters: Cari, Franci and Noa. After several tests had been performed on the prototype and problems that arose, Bernd Kullmann decided to take action. * PA stands for polyamide. 2 colours available from: $179.90 $ $154.90. Even the manufacturing process is supervised in regular intervals.

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