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Now I would like to have a cat but my mum has an allergy. I have one sister and her Name is Selina and she is 10 years old. Diesem Konzept bin ich nun schon… London has … We was at South Tyrol, Austria and Italy at Holiday. but i like my group, we are small but loyal. Today the United States has the largest fast food industry in the world. I was born in Berlin and in 2005, my parents and I moved to Radolfzell. Her Hobbies are cycling and inline Skating. The most famous restaurants are Mc Donalds, Burger King and Subway. it is now a struggle for survival. My grandmas living in Germany in --- and ---, They are both over eighty years old and are still very fit. Finde uns : Folge uns : Referate / Hausarbeiten: - Biografie - Biologie - Chemie - Deutsch - Englisch - Französisch - Geografie - Geschichte - Informatik - Italienisch - Kunst - Latein - Mathematik - Musik - Philosophie - Physik - Politik - Psychologie - Sonstige - Sozialkunde - Spanisch - Sport - Technik - Wirtschaft : Bachelorarbeiten: … My mottos are from nothing comes nothing and nothing is to be taken for granted, Hello! Hausaufgaben werden von unseren Besuchern hochgeladen. And i had a lot of fun, I hope i will get a good certificate then i can start in my Education, when I'm older I would like to move to Berlin because I love Berlin and just because I was born in Berlin. jo klingt schon gut,em wird doch in 2 ländern ausgetragen,weil die länder einzeln das nicht auf die beine stellen könnten (wegen mangel an stadien etc.)? I am fifteen years old. Englischreferat: Bei einem Referat im Fach Englisch solltest du am besten ein Thema aus der Kultur wählen. I don’t know where I will live in the future. I´m the class President. My name is xxxx but my nickname is xxxx. The important is that I have a good Job, and a nice family. danke eure Caro :), First of all i don't like to introduce myself. erzähl doch kurz was über barack obama ... Kannst auch was über dich selbst erzählen, Ähnliche Themen mit den Stichworten: Thema Minuten Englisch. ich muss ein für meine englisch Prüfung (am montag) einen englischen vortrag halten 5 min. ich muss ein für meine englisch Prüfung (am montag) einen englischen vortrag halten 5 min. Hallo, denkt ihr dieser Text reicht für ein 5 Minuten Referat zum Thema ´´Me and my Family´´? Hallo Ich habe morgen eine Mündliche Prüfung in Englisch und wollte wissen, ob die Beschreibung okay ist. Today, I would like to introduce myself. Here I use motors, lights and cables. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand helfen ? Die Bedingungen: Jedes Thema muss für (angehende) PR-Leute relevant sein, und die Referate sollen nur fünf Minuten dauern. naja nun habe ich folgendes Problem das referat ist schon disen Freitag und ich habe schon was Vorbereitet aber dazu brauche ich nur 3 minuten also brauche ich nun eure Hilfe !!!! and I visit the 9th class. He often plays on the computer with his friends and goes to a club with them. I really would like to visit Switzerland, America and England. Ich muss ein Referat über Mich und meine Familie halten das 5 Minuten gehen soll, bin mir aber nicht sicher ob das alles gut geschrieben, und richtig formuliert ist. I to bothersome my mum that she buy me a duck or maybe 2 ducks and I helping in the house when i buy baby ducks. But I am not sure yet what I will study. On the other hand, most of the food is unhealthy. I have two half brothers, their names are Patrick and Jeffrey. [Thema] Wecker, der alle 15 Minuten klingelt, warum die em in 2 ländern ausgetragen wird. Wir müssen auf Englisch über uns 5 Minuten lang erzählen. Sometimes she is a bit crazy, but it's very funny. We will also celebrate XY together. Kreative Referate: Userin Madel123 schlägt vor: Referat über ein Kochbuch … Every sunday I go to the swimming pool. First of all, my name is --- and I was born in --- on the 28th february 2005, so I´m fourteen years old. I have already been to many places. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------, --------------------------------------------. thats only a small village. My family and my friends say about me that I am reliable, polite and I have a good behavior. My Family consits of 4 Person. All the paper isn't good for the environment and the Resturants aren't very nice. Englischer Text (sich selber vorstellen) - so ok? My favorite animals are penguins . The last movie I saw was an action movie and I started to draw. My sister also attends school and is in the 6th grade. Ein Referat (ungefähr 10-15 Minuten) ist länger und ausführlicher als eine Präsentation (ca. after the sun came too close and the earth became a desert, mankind perished. His hobbies are table tennis and meeting with friends too. The USA has the most overweight teenagers in the world : 14 % of 15 year old boys and 15 % of 15 year old girls.The problem is Fast Food, because most of the food has lots of calories and the people eat too much. Berlin is a very beautiful city and (Berlin is) the capital of Germany. Englisch Introduce Yourself, passt das so? So it is obvious that I would like to pass the school leaving examination that I am allowed to go to university. I hope I will get a good leaving certificate so that I can start in my apprenticeship. My favourite hobby is shopping. I live with my Familiy in **** where we live is a big house. I have 2 Brothers and 2 sisters. That’s why I must have to do part time jobs the whole year. In the future i would to work in a büro. I was born in Berlin and 2005, my parents and I moved to Radolfzell Englisch Referate, Hausaufgaben, Hausarbeiten Seite 13 (774 Referate … I often meet friends and go shopping.After school i want to study. I also had fish, but unfortunately they died of water poisoning. I have two half-brothers, their names are Patrick and Jeffrey. Burger, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs and Fried Chicken are typical Fast Food. He also plans to get the driver´s license next year. In my free time I often play football. In the rest of my free time i'm surfing in the internet. Weltkrieg gemacht hat, oder 1968 usw. My Hobbys are listen to music and meet my friends. She looks like a Barbie. I was born on 4th of december in xxxheim. I would like to tell you something about me and my family. But also the fun should not come to short. I have found many friends here. Most of the fast food restaurants got a drive-through.Fast Food restaurants are perfect for people who havent got much time and money to eat. You habe to drive 45 minutes by car to XY. Klicke auf den untenstehenden Link und erstelle einen Account. Then I was born. That's not ok, but we can't otherwise. I like my School because I have many interesting subjects it are history and Germany but I don't like sport.In Summer I leave the school because it is my last school  years and I want to finish a good exams in order to I go in the secandary school.My Hobby is Swimming because I can good swimming therefore me have it much fun.In Winter I like go schlicht skating when the Weather is Bad I read books and wach TV.In the Week I go swimming twice and Most weekend I Meeting with my friends we go shopping or chillen. The and I am in the 9th class. I was born on May. My father and my brother have birthday on the same day. I have a brohter and a sister there is my brohter the older and He is seventeen years old his Name is **** and my sister is the young so is my brohter eight years older as a my sister her Name is ***. Ich muss ein Referat halten über mich und meiner Familie deswegen wollte ich mal fragen wie ihr das hier findet. His favorite game is ---. was dien Opa im 2. In the summer I like (--) swimming in the lake and in the winter I like (--) skiing in the mountains. I enjoy going to the cinema because I love movies. I've got two older brothers and their names are Max and Luis. My grandmas also have a large garden and lots of space. Ist der Text so gut und was könnte ich noch zu meinen Hobbys sagen? Dieses Thema im Forum "Schule, Studium, Ausbildung" wurde erstellt von dont_leech, 10. But Radolfzell is also very nice. Ich muss morgen eig. Ich muss ein Referat über Mich und meine Familie halten das 5 Minuten gehen soll, bin mir aber nicht sicher ob das alles gut geschrieben, und richtig formuliert ist. For me the exchange would not only mean having fun but the possibility to make acquaintance with a new country and interesting people. I have one older brother, he is 19 years old. The Resturants are always open too. My brother has already done his apprenticeship as a mechatronic engineer. The Resturants are good place for teenagers to meet because you don't have to behave quietly or wear anything special. London auf Engelisch LONDON London is the capital of Great Britain and England. There was often bad weather. Da das Thema nicht nur du, sondern du und deine Familie ist, kannst du noch von deinem opa eltern etc, was dazu nehmen, zB. I have not a pet, but when i lived in Berlin i had a pet. He went go to high school, and successfully graduated with excellent grades. I attend the Realschule from Ebermannstadt and my favourite subjects are art, mathematics and Reli. Some food is OK, but most of it has lots of calories. das war wirklich interessant zu sehen. Hallo Leute es ist so das wir morgen uns auf english vorstellen müssen und das es mindestens 2min lang sein soll passt dieser Text ? Ist das so richtig? His hobbies are meeting friends and creating games at home on the computer. Today, about one in three American kids and teens is overweight or obese. My mother and my father was born in Kosovo. I am not so happy with subjects concerning to numbers like Maths and Physics. 2. über ein spezielles Thema ( fast Food.) I have a guineapig and a rabbit in my room, my guineapig is three and my rabbit is five years old. We have got one little dog called ***. I have at 16 November birthday and i was Born at 1999 at ... My Hobbies are cycling, listen to Music and meet my friends. AW: Englisch 5-Minuten New York City Referat vlt auf die entstehungsgeschichte. He also often works at home when, for example, he is not doing so well. In August of this year i will start my training as a chemist. I'm shy and quiet but also I'm friendly. I was born in Russia. Brauch umbedingt eure Hilfe muss das bis morgen können.. Ich want to toll you Something about me My Name is **** but my friends call me *** as a nickname. My name is Kevin Hansche and I'm fifteen years old. For example I was in Turkey and Italy. Fast vier Jahre ist es her, dass ich hier im Blog die Idee kurzer Referate in der Lehre vorgestellt habe. Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mein Referat verbessert! When i finished this school i want to get an Education as an electrician. I go on the school * in the 9th class. hii des wäre mein Mini Aufsatz könnte vllt jmd drüber schauen? This is the year when I was born. Für das Hochladen benötigen wir folgende … We life in a beautiful house. Many of my group are younger than me and cannot remember the old life, I can. Englisch Referat me and my family HILFE! Now it is only a dream but maybe some day. I don't have a big circle of friends, but I really love the ones I have. HALLO ich brauche Dringend eure HILFE !!! However, these are further plans. 1. über sich selbst erzählen. Lernhelfer – alle Themen für Englisch-Referate der Schulklassen 5 bis 10 Englisch-Referat, -Hausaufgaben oder -Klassenarbeit – das Schülerlexikon ist für dich da! The vacation was very nice and we saw great mountains from our house. The name from my sister is Shkrute she’s 15, in other words, she enters puberty. I hope my wishes come true. My Parents are Fourty-four years old and my Mum is called *** AT the Moment she is housewife.My dad is called * * * * * and He works as a Firmenname. Referat zum Thema "Indiana" - kostenlos! 5 minuten referat thema 168 Millionen Aktive Käufer - Große Auswahl an ‪Referate Halte ... Suche Thema für 5-Minuten Englisch Vortrag obama kommt zwar gut aber ich finde echt nur seitenlange texte über den auf wiki etc. I have an older sister, she is 23 years old. And when i have baby ducks then is the name from the ducks fluffy and schnatter, well wish me good luck!

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