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The man obeyed, and reported that he could see on the water, below the ship in the air, one precisely like it. The ship made its first appearance in Dead Man's Chest under the command of the fictional captain, Davy Jones. In the novel The Flying Dutchman (2013) by the Russian novelist Anatoly Kudryavitsky, the ghost ship rebuilds itself from an old barge abandoned on the bank of a big Russian river, and offers itself as a refuge to a persecuted musicologist. Ce nom a été choisi, non sans humour, par son créateur, à la fois en référence aux premiers voiliers légers capables de planer créés par l'anglais Uffa Fox et qui étaient tous dénommés Flying …X… (mention de la longueur en pieds, tels le Flying fourteen) et au légendaire Hollandais volant voilier mythique supposé servir d'enfer flottant aux mauvais marins, qui inspira un opéra à Richard Wagner. The Flying Dutchman (Dutch: De Vliegende Hollander) is a legendary ghost ship which was said to never be able to make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. He told a sailor to go up to the foretop and look beyond the phantom-ship. The 48-page text published c. 1829 acknowledges Blackwood's 1821 story as the source, although the two have little in common. The comic fantasy Flying Dutch by Tom Holt is a version of the Flying Dutchman story. He was a staunch seaman, and would have his own way in spite of the devil. According to some sources, 17th-century Dutch captain Bernard Fokke is the model for the captain of the ghost ship. Der vliegender Holländer.jpg 2,731 × 2,240; 9.33 MB. The myth is likely to have originated from the 17th-century Golden Age of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and Dutch maritime power. Découvrez Der fliegende Hollander (The Flying Dutchman): Act II: Traft ihr das Schiff im Meere an de Margaret Harshaw sur Amazon Music. [18], Another optical effect known as looming occurs when rays of light are bent across different refractive indices. On all these points see, Moore, Jason W. (2010). The two-hour long film, scripted by its director Albert Lewin, sets the main action on the Mediterranean coast of Spain during the summer of 1930. It was impossible that I should have observed this in him in the mani-coloured lamplight of the preceding night. [23][24] One of the first Flying Dutchman short stories was titled "Vanderdecken's Message Home; or, the Tenacity of Natural Affection" and was published in Blackwood's during 1821. Having refitted, and returning to Europe, they were assailed by a violent tempest nearly in the same latitude. In the Pirates of the Caribbean films, the ship made its first appearance in Dead Man's Chest (2006) under the command of the fictional captain, Davy Jones. Autres français ayant brillé dans la série FD: les frères Thierry et Vincent Berger, d'abord spécialistes du Laser (alors non olympique) puis passés sur FD dans l'optique d'une préparation olympique . Longtemps série olympique, de 1960 — où il a remplacé le Sharpie 12 m2 — à 1992, il a connu une intense recherche en vue de l'amélioration des performances : utilisation du bois moulé, puis du polyester et des fibres à haute performance (carbone et kevlar) pour la coque, invention du double avaleur de spi par les frères Pajot aux JO de 1972), sa coque longue et légère se révèle assez fragile et vieillit assez vite. [14] Fokke was renowned for the speed of his trips from the Netherlands to Java and was suspected of being in league with the Devil. From the Dutch the English seamen got the infatuation, and there are very few Indiamen, but what has some one on board, who pretends to have seen the apparition.[12]. Another adaptation was The Flying Dutchman on Tappan Sea by Washington Irving (1855), in which the captain is named Ramhout van Dam. The tale was the subject of the radio drama The Witch's Tale broadcast on 1 February 1932. DR 1933 500 Nothilfe Wagner Fliegender Holländer.jpg 780 × 620; 443 KB. Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri has a swinging boat ride called The Flying Dutchman. For all that, never a sailor under him had reason to complain; though how it is on board with them nobody knows. Van der Decken replied: "May I be eternally damned if I do, though I should beat about here till the day of judgment." The second was titled The Angel's Command and was released by Puffin in 2003. She was an Amsterdam vessel and sailed from port seventy years ago. Nothing could do away the idea of this phenomenon on the minds of the sailors; and, on their relating the circumstances when they arrived in port, the story spread like wild-fire, and the supposed phantom was called the Flying Dutchman. La mascotte du parc devint officiellement Alfundo. It appears within the Pirate Invasion as a boss enemy. The Flying Dutchman moored next to the lifeboat at Tobermory Isle of Mull West coast of Scotland Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur This story was adapted in the English melodrama The Flying Dutchman; or the Phantom Ship: a Nautical Drama, in three acts (1826)[nb 3] by Edward Fitzball (1792–1873), music by George Rodwell,[28] and the novel The Phantom Ship (1839)[nb 4] by Frederick Marryat. Just after sunset a vessel spoke him, asking him if he did not mean to go into the bay that night. The similarity of Dietsch's opera to Wagner's is slight, although Wagner's assertion is often repeated. - [3] (1997) ... Der fliegende Holländer--the flying Dutchman--il Vascello fantasma. The Flying Dutchman (Dutch: De Vliegende Hollander) is a legendary ghost ship which was said to never be able to make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever. - Jo ho hoe ! Johohohe!” Senta tells the story of the mythical Flying Dutchman. Thirteen persons altogether saw her ... At 10.45 a.m. the ordinary seaman who had this morning reported the Flying Dutchman fell from the foretopmast crosstrees on to the topgallant forecastle and was smashed to atoms.[17]. She describes how he can be freed from the curse, and proclaims that she is the woman who will save him. The oldest extant version of the legend has been dated to the late 18th century. Dutch driver Arie Luyendyk, two-time champion of the Indianapolis 500 and still record-holder for the quickest time ever run to qualify for the race in 1996, was nicknamed the Flying Dutchman by fans and media. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Soon after, the steamship itself came in sight. I could readily conceive that the defiance of his heart would be hell-like in obstinacy, and that here was a man whose pride and passions would qualify him for a foremost place among the most daring of those fallen spirits of whom our glorious poet has written. Please reorganize this content to explain the subject's impact on popular culture, George Barrington (originally Waldron) was tried at the, Leyden says that Chaucer, echoing Dante's account of the Second Circle of Hell in his. - Wagner, comp. A well-known sighting was by Prince George of Wales, the future King George V. He was on a three-year voyage during his late adolescence in 1880 with his elder brother Prince Albert Victor of Wales and their tutor John Neill Dalton. Englische Übersetzung von Dr Paul England. FLYING DUTCHMAN. [25], Dutch poet J. Slauerhoff published a number of related poems, particularly in his 1928 volume Eldorado.[26][27]. The story was dramatised in the 1951 film Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, starring James Mason (who plays the Dutch Captain Hendrick Van der Decken) and Ava Gardner (who plays Pandora). Originally published in instalments in the, The play was not published until its revival in 1829. Six Flags over Georgia, an amusement park located in Austell, Georgia also had a swinging boat ride called The Flying Dutchman which was added in 1980. . Ward Moore in his 1951 story "Flying Dutchman"[30] used the myth as a metaphor for an automated bomber plane which continues to fly over an Earth where humanity long since totally destroyed itself and all life in a nuclear war. The captain was told the wonderful tale, and coming on deck, he explained to the sailors that this strange appearance was caused by the reflection of some ship that was sailing on the water below this image, but at such a distance they could not see it. Die Geschütze verteilen sich wie folgt: 20 12-Pfünder befinden sich auf dem H… In his 1833 elaboration, it was once thought that it may have been based on Fitzball's play, which was playing at the Adelphi Theatre in London, but the run had ended on 7 April 1827 and Heine did not arrive in London until the 14th. Weitere Ideen zu Segelschiffe, Geisterschiff, Piraten schiff. I looked at him as closely as I durst. Sir Walter Scott (1771–1832), a friend of John Leyden's, was the first to refer to the vessel as a pirate ship, writing in the notes to Rokeby; a poem (first published December 1812) that the ship was "originally a vessel loaded with great wealth, on board of which some horrid act of murder and piracy had been committed" and that the apparition of the ship "is considered by the mariners as the worst of all possible omens". Voile - Séries internationales, olympiques et paralympiques, Site de l'International Flying Dutchman Class, Canal Youtube FD sailing (+ de 90 vidéos),, Catégorie Commons avec lien local identique sur Wikidata, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence. The first novel was titled Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and was first published by Puffin Books in 2001. Betrothed to Erik, … L'architecte ayant dessiné les lignes de coque du FD est le hollandais Gus Van Essen mais le véritable promoteur de la série, qui l'a imposé comme bateau olympique à partir des JO de 1960 (voile à Naples) lors d'essais internationaux de l'IYRU , face notamment au 505 , au caneton et à l'Osprey britannique (dessin Ian Proctor) est l'allemand Conrad Gulcher . The common story is that this Dutchman came to the Cape in distress of weather and wanted to get into harbour but could not get a pilot to conduct her and was lost and that ever since in very bad weather her vision appears. There were certain conditions of the atmosphere, he said, when the sun's rays could form a perfect picture in the air of objects on the earth, like the images one sees in glass or water, but they were not generally upright, as in the case of this ship, but reversed—turned bottom upwards. Edward Fitzball - The Flying Dutchman.jpg 651 × 828; 154 KB. Yet did not his graveyard complexion detract from the majesty and imperiousness of his mien and port. The Efteling amusement park in the Netherlands has a roller coaster called The Flying Dutchman which features the captain named Willem van der Decken (nl). The first print reference to the ship appears in Travels in various part of Europe, Asia and Africa during a series of thirty years and upward (1790) by John MacDonald: The weather was so stormy that the sailors said they saw the Flying Dutchman. British author Brian Jacques wrote a trilogy of fantasy/young adult novels concerning two reluctant members of the Dutchman's crew, a young boy and his dog, who were swept off the ship by a wave on the night the ship was cursed; however, the same angel who pronounced the curse on the ship and crew appeared to them and blessed them, charging them to help those in need . En 1982 sont ajoutées les bûches connues sous le nom Thunder Creek Mountain et toujours opérationnelles à ce jour. Pierre-Louis Dietsch composed an opera Le vaisseau fantôme, ou Le maudit des mers ("The Phantom Ship, or The Accursed of the Sea"), which was first performed on 9 November 1842 at the Paris Opera. Heine had first briefly used the legend in his Reisebilder: Die Nordsee (Pictures of Travel: the North Sea) (1826), which simply repeats from Blackwood's Magazine the features of the vessel being seen in a storm and sending letters addressed to persons long since dead. The crew of this vessel are supposed to have been guilty of some dreadful crime, in the infancy of navigation; and to have been stricken with pestilence ... and are ordained still to traverse the ocean on which they perished, till the period of their penance expire. 20 juin 2017 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Alain TELLIER. The Flying Dutchman has been captured in paintings by Albert Ryder, now in the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C., and by Howard Pyle, whose painting of the Flying Dutchman is on exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum. The news soon spread through the vessel that a phantom-ship with a ghostly crew was sailing in the air over a phantom-ocean, and that it was a bad omen, and meant that not one of them should ever see land again. The princes' log (indeterminate as to which prince, due to later editing before publication) records the following for the pre-dawn hours of 11 July 1881, off the coast of Australia in the Bass Strait between Melbourne and Sydney: July 11th. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines references the endless traveling aspect of the story by having The Flying Dutchman painted on the rear sides of all its aircraft with regular livery. This could make a ship just off the horizon appear hoisted in the air. Probably the most credible explanation is a superior mirage or Fata Morgana seen at sea. The sailors were now convinced, and never afterwards believed in phantom-ships. [11], The next literary reference appears in Chapter VI of A Voyage to Botany Bay (1795) (also known as A Voyage to New South Wales), attributed to George Barrington (1755–1804):[nb 1], I had often heard of the superstition of sailors respecting apparitions and doom, but had never given much credit to the report; it seems that some years since a Dutch man-of-war was lost off the Cape of Good Hope, and every soul on board perished; her consort weathered the gale, and arrived soon after at the Cape. Nicholas Monsarrat, the novelist who wrote The Cruel Sea, described the phenomenon in the Pacific Ocean in his unfinished final book "Master Mariner", which was partly inspired by this tale (he lived and worked in South Africa after the war) and the story of the Wandering Jew. Tobermory Isle of Mull Scotland. The author has been identified as John Howison (fl. In Craig Alanson's novel series Expeditionary Force, the Flying Dutchman is a large alien starship that has been commandeered by the human protagonist Joe Bishop, an ancient AI and a multi-national military and civilian crew - who named the ship. Bob Hoare (Angleterre), Lanaverre,Jean MORIN (France) Bianchi e Cecchi (Italie), Mader et Hein (Allemagne). This imaginary play, unlike Fitzball's play, which has the Cape of Good Hope location, in Heine's account is transferred to the North Sea off Scotland. Irving had already used the story (based on Moore's poem) in his Bracebridge Hall (1822). This appearance in the air is called a mirage. At 4 a.m. the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows. In this version, the Flying Dutchman is a man, not a ship. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. 10.08.2020 - Erkunde sham rocks Pinnwand „flying dutchman“ auf Pinterest. Équipé d'un trapèze, d'un spinnaker et d'un génois (grand foc à recouvrement), encombré de dizaines de mètres de fins cordages permettant de multiples et complexes réglages, long de 6,05 mètres, c'est un dériveur à deux équipiers maximaliste, très rapide, cher et sophistiqué. "'Amsterdam is Standing on Norway' Part II: The Global North Atlantic in the Ecological Revolution of the Long Seventeenth Century," Journal of Agrarian Change, 10, 2, p. 188–227. A footnote adds: "The above lines were suggested by a superstition very common among sailors, who call this ghost-ship, I think, 'the flying Dutch-man'.". 25.02.2019 - Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Michael Lee . In the night watch some of the people saw, or imagined they saw, a vessel standing for them under a press of sail, as though she would run them down: one in particular affirmed it was the ship that had foundered in the former gale, and that it must certainly be her, or the apparition of her; but on its clearing up, the object, a dark thick cloud, disappeared. The story was adapted by Judith French into a play, The Dutch Mariner, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 13 April 2003.[33]. Ils étaient Champions Européens en titre en 1992 et favoris pour les JO de Barcelone mais furent frustrés du podium par la rupture du mât suite à un défaut sur un hauban. The captain, Cornelius Vanderdecken, tells Fenton that his ship, the Braave, sailed from Batavia in 1653. The third and final book of the trilogy (due to Jacques' death in 2011) was titled Voyage of Slaves and was released by Puffin in 2006. They temporarily shipped into HMS Inconstant after the damaged rudder was repaired in their original ship, the 4,000-tonne corvette Bacchante. This in turn was later adapted as Het Vliegend Schip (The Flying Ship) by the Dutch clergyman, A. H. C. Römer. Just then another ship was seen in the air, only this one was a steamship, and was bottom-upwards, as the captain had said these mirages generally appeared. Die Heckkanonen sind in ihrer Existenz nicht ganz gesichert. Providence condemned him to roam the seas until he found the true meaning of love. [19], There is a 20-foot one-design high-performance two-person monohull racing dinghy named the Flying Dutchman (FD). In the only plot device taken from earlier versions of the story, once every seven years the Dutchman is allowed ashore for six months to search for a woman who will love him enough to die for him, releasing him from his curse, and he finds her in Pandora. Le Flying Dutchman (FD en abrégé) est une classe de dériveur léger de série internationale, créée par l'architecte naval hollandais Van Essen et conçue pour la vitesse et le planing Historique. A strange red light as of a phantom ship all aglow, in the midst of which light the masts, spars and sails of a brig 200 yards distant stood out in strong relief as she came up on the port bow, where also the officer of the watch from the bridge clearly saw her, as did the quarterdeck midshipman, who was sent forward at once to the forecastle; but on arriving there was no vestige nor any sign whatever of any material ship was to be seen either near or right away to the horizon, the night being clear and the sea calm. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. See Alan Lang Strout, size of the Dutch merchant fleet probably exceeded the combined fleets of England, France, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Vermeer's Hat: The Seventeenth Century and the Dawn of the Global World, "Institutional Innovation: Creating Smarter Organizations", "The Rise and Fall of the Largest Corporation in History", The Dutch Navy, Dutch State Formation and the Rise of Dutch Maritime Supremacy, a major fleet contest against Spain-Portugal in the Channel, saved Denmark from possible extinction as an independent state, Day of Empire: How Hyperpowers Rise to Global Dominance – and Why They Fall, "The World's Most Famous Ghost Ship Is an Enduring Symbol of Empire", "Source of the Legend of The Flying Dutchman", Round-about Rambles in Lands of Fact and Fancy,, "De Vliegende Hollander in de nieuwere Nederlandse poezie", USA premiere of 1841 critical edition of Wagner's, Overture of 'The Flying Dutchman' as played at sight by a bad spa orchestra at the well at 7 in the morning, Perceptions of religious imagery in natural phenomena, Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law, Jim Hawkins and the Curse of Treasure Island,, Articles with trivia sections from April 2020, Articles needing additional references from April 2020, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Scooby-Doo featured a Flying Dutchman ghost modeled after the illustrator Howard Pyle's 1900 depiction of the character, "The Flying Dutchman" is both the name of a, An episode called "The Arrival" (1961, written by Rod Serling) of the television series, An episode called "Lone Survivor" {1971, written by Rod Serling) of the television series, In 1949 RCA Victor, inventors of the single. Hedvig Ekdal describes visions of the Flying Dutchman from the books she reads in the attic in Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck (1884). The 1797–98 poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, contains a similar account of a ghost ship, which may have been influenced by the tale of the Flying Dutchman. Sie erscheinen nicht in den Filmszenen. Every seven years, the Flying Dutchman, who is condemned to roam the sea for having defied God, is cast ashore and can seek redemption. At his trial he is unrepentant and curses God. However, the wind headed them, and went against them more and more, and Van der Decken walked the deck, swearing at the wind. In the 1993 multiplatform game Alone in the Dark 2, fictional detective Edward Carnby investigates a missing girl who he discovers has been kidnapped by the undead One-Eyed Jack who, in the game, is captain of the undead crew of The Flying Dutchman. John Boyle O'Reilly's The Flying Dutchman was first published in The Wild Goose, a handwritten newspaper produced by Fenian convicts being transported to Western Australia in 1867.[29]. [nb 5] Heine was the first author to introduce the chance of salvation through a woman's devotion and the opportunity to set foot on land every seven years to seek a faithful wife. The nickname references the college's location in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. [nb 2], Thomas Moore (1779–1852) places the vessel in the north Atlantic in his poem Written on passing Dead-man's Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Late in the evening, September, 1804:[13] "Fast gliding along, a gloomy bark / Her sails are full, though the wind is still, / And there blows not a breath her sails to fill." And to be sure, he never did go into that bay, for it is believed that he continues to beat about in these seas still, and will do so long enough. The Dutch aviation pioneer and an aircraft manufacturer Anthony Fokker was nicknamed The Flying Dutchman.[34]. Centuries earlier the Dutchman had killed his wife, wrongly believing her to be unfaithful. It is narrated by Geoffrey Fenton, descendant of Edward Fenton, second mate of the English ship Saracen on a voyage to the East Indies in 1796. In Marryat's version, Terneuzen, in the Netherlands, is described as the home of the captain, who is called "Van der Decken" ("of the decks"). Traft ihr das Schiff im Meere an. Italienische Übersetzung von Alberto Giovannini. Hope College in Holland, Michigan is also the home of "The Flying Dutchman" because it was founded by settlers from the Netherlands in 1866. 1 Stimme. The Roger Zelazny short story "And Only I Am Escaped to Tell Thee" tells of a sailor who escapes from the Flying Dutchman and is rescued by sailors who welcome him to the Mary Celeste. Berlioz thought Le vaisseau fantôme too solemn, but other reviewers were more favourable.[31][32]. The Flying Dutchman, or simply referred to as the Dutchman, is a fictional ship in the popular film series Pirates of the Caribbean. Her master's name was Van der Decken. In this version, the Dutchman is not a ghost ship but crewed by immortals who can only visit land once every seven years when the unbearable smell that is a side-effect of the elixir of life wears off. Wagner's opera was similarly planned to take place off the coast of Scotland, although during the final rehearsals he transferred the action to another part of the North Sea, off Norway. 13.09.2015 - Inselhüpfen -Der Spezialist für Rad- und Schiffsreisen in Kroatien, Griechenland, Türkei, Schottland, Nordirland, Spanien, Dänemark und Vietnam. The Flying Dutchman, montagnes russes en métal de Pinfari, était situé à la place de l’actuelle grande roue. Dutch football player Dennis Bergkamp was nicknamed "the Non-Flying Dutchman", because of his fear of flying. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 7 septembre 2020 à 09:53. 5.0. De grands champions ont pratiqué le FD, notamment le barreur anglais Rodney Pattisson, véritable maître de la série, les frères Yves et Marc Pajot (France), médaillés d'argent à Kiel en 1972, les frères Diesch (Allemagne), les frères jumeaux Vollebreght (Hollande) ou encore le barreur espagnol Abascal. The Flying Dutchman is depicted in the sandbox platformer game Terraria as a flying wooden ship with four destructible, broadside cannons. Le Flying Dutchman (FD en abrégé) est une classe de dériveur léger de série internationale, créée par l'architecte naval hollandais Van Essen et conçue pour la vitesse et le planing. The myth is likely to have originated from the 17th-century Golden Age of the Dutch East India Company (VOC)[1][2][3][4] and Dutch maritime power. Tempted by his wealth -and unaware of his destiny - a Norwegian sailor named Darland agrees to give the Dutchman his daughter Senta’s hand in marriage. It made its Olympic debut at the 1960 Summer Games competitions in the Gulf of Naples and is still one of the fastest racing dinghies in the world.[20]. The men bring food and drink to the Dutchman’s crew, The Death Ship, by W. Clark Russell, was published in 1888. Media in category "Flying Dutchman (ship)" The following 16 files are in this category, out of 16 total. His eyes were extraordinarily piercing and passionate, with the cruel brilliance in them such as may be noticed in the insane; the lower part of his face was hidden in hair, but the skin of as much of it as was visible, for his cap was dragged low down upon his brows, was pale, of a haggard sallowness, expressed best in paintings of the dead where time has produced the original whiteness of the pigment. FLYING DUTCHMAN und MERCEDES am 22.06.2011 am Norwegenkai zur Kieler Woche 2011 . The libretto by Paul Foucher and H. Révoil was based on Walter Scott's The Pirate as well as Captain Marryat's The Phantom Ship and other sources, although Wagner thought it was based on the scenario of his own opera, which he had just sold to the Opera. The first version of the legend as a story was printed in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine for May 1821,[15] which puts the scene as the Cape of Good Hope. The story is this: that in doubling the Cape they were a long day trying to weather the Table Bay. Albert Pinkham Ryder - Flying Dutchman - Smithsonian.jpg 4,000 × 3,256; 5.37 MB. There have been many reported or alleged sightings in the 19th and 20th centuries. Sie trägt insgesamt 60 Kanonen, davon je 26 an Backbord und Steuerbord sowie 2 dreiläufige Bugkanonen und 4 Heckkanonen und 2 Drehbassen, die auf der Reling montiert in fast jede Richtung geschwenkt werden können. Richard Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman (1843) is adapted from an episode in Heinrich Heine's satirical novel The Memoirs of Mister von Schnabelewopski (Aus den Memoiren des Herrn von Schnabelewopski) (1833), in which a character attends a theatrical performance of The Flying Dutchman in Amsterdam. Parmi les nombreux chantiers artisanaux ayant construit en toute petite série des FD on peut citer The musical group “The Band “, on their album entitled “The Band”, from 1969, refer to The Flying Dutchman in the lyrics of their song “Rockin’ Chair”. Hofstra University on Long Island, New York was unofficially named "The Flying Dutchman" and has many references to Dutch culture around the university including residence halls. [5][6][7] The oldest extant version of the legend has been dated to the late 18th century. 1821–1859) of the East India Company. The Flying Dutchman moored next to the lifeboat at Tobermory Isle of Mull West coast of Scotland. The story and attributes of the ship were inspired by the actual Flying Dutchman of nautical lore. Il fut démonté en 1988 après de nombreux problèmes mécaniques. Fenton's ship encounters the Flying Dutchman, and an accident leaves him stranded aboard the cursed ship with her ghostly crew.

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