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For many of the older people, the advent of Heintje was a great surprise. Heintje Simons was born on August 12, 1955 in Kerkrade, Limburg, Netherlands as Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons. The trophy was given for the 2,000,000 sales of the LP Heintje. A new CD titled Vertrau auf Dein Herz was released on 4th September. Official Sites. Teil (1971) and Hurra, die Schule brennt - Die Lümmel von der ersten Bank IV. Spouse (1) Doris Uhl (18 December 1981 - 2014) ( divorced) ( 3 children) Trivia (7) After his success stopped due to a voice change during his puberty, he made a comeback in the 1990s. Heintje toured South Africa in April, although danger lurked because of the ongoing war. After a rendition of O sole mio, Addy said You can go back to play soccer. It is titled Einfach ich and emphasises Hein's philosophy to music and life. In August Hein made a tour in Australia, and in October he was back on stage in South Africa. After 33 years of marriage, Hein and Doris separated then later in the year Hein needed to undergo heart surgery. He recorded the song Ich Schenk Dir Meine Liebe. On September 19th, JAZ Music releases Hein's CD Thuis with new songs sung in Dutch. In October, Hein joined other well known artists in the 1. Also the trophy Silver Vessel from Radio Veronica was awarded this year to Heintje! In December Hein celebrated 50 years on stage with a new CD and DVD. Vincent and Fernando received the Goldene Antenne in the category Volksmusik. January 20th. Written by his manager, Jan Zwarteveen and produced by Giger Verlag, Switzerland it is titled Ich war Heintje. On December 13th, for sales of his records, Heintje received from the director of the record company Ariola, 10 golden records in one go, consisting of : The movie Hurra, die Schule brennt! 4, a son, Pascal was born. A series of small, intimate concerts were held in churches during December. Addy became Heintje's manager and took care of contracts for the movies and for the TV shows in America. Addy Kleijngeld died suddenly when he was on holiday. Heintje Simons was born on August 12, 1955 in Kerkrade, Limburg, Netherlands as Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons. The album Heintje reached first place in the election of Most successful debut-album ever, by RTL-Music.de and Media-Control !! Joining Hein for these concerts were Markus Mai and Edith Prock. He still made two special records, Jou Hart Is Weer Myne and Heintje singt van liefde en verlange which made him a great success. Family Simons moved to their new home, a villa O sole mio in Moresnet, Belgium. Teil (1969). On March 24th, a son, Pascal was born. It was also the last time Heintje was top of the charts in the Netherlands. With one exception, ALL the songs of Heintje are composed by Addy Kleijngeld and W. Roloff, and lyrics by Hans Hee (sometimes they used pen-names). Addy Kleijngeld, a producer at the CNR record company, received a tip about a boy with a special voice in Bleijerheide. Our site www.heinsimons.com was launched on August 12th. I've heard enough!. And again in London, on August 24, he received 2 gold records, for the sale of 2,000,000 singles. In America, Heintje started a tour with 10 shows. It was also the last time Heintje was top of the charts in the Netherlands. He was previously married to Doris Uhl. He was previously married to Doris Uhl. Addy and his wife Annie were always there to take care of Heintje. Tony Marshall was awarded the Goldene Antenne for his life's work. On February 20th, during a flight in a chartered aircraft, they presented him with 7 golden records, for the sale of 10,000,000 records! The CD is an official Jubilee album and features 12 new titles all produced by himself. In the Netherlands his success went down a bit, but in other countries the little Limburger had more success. On December 23rd, Heintje received the Golden Screen Award in Münich, as a result of more than 3,000,000 attendances within 12 months, for the movie Ein Herz geht auf reisen. The new CD Träum mit mir was released. This movie was also recorded in English (My best friend). Many newspapers, radio and television stations had stories to help celebrate the occassion. In London, the director of the record-company, gives Heintje a further 2 golden records ; 1 from Australia and 1 from New Zealand. Hein's new CD Frauen sind was wunderbares was released in April. They were a successful team - Ingrid Reith wrote the lyrics and Hein the compositions. In September, at the presentation of the Golden Lions of Radio Luxemburg, at the Gruga-Hall in Essen, Germany, Heintje received his first award : a Golden Lion. The album is titled Heintje und Ich and all songs are produced with Hein singing with himself (as Heintje). Invited by Mike Curb, director of the record-company MGM, Heintje appeared for the first time on American TV on September 17, in the show The Chevrolet-Show next to Gene Kelly. On December 1. He was there for the biggest TV show of the year: the BTV Global Gala, which on 15th February, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, was aired. From then on, Addy picked up Heintje every week, to rehearse at his home in Helmond. Then the second leg, the tail, and finally the head. A star was born in Germany where he only sang Dutch songs at first. Da molti anni vive in Belgio. Een paar jaar geleden was het namelijk even crisis in hun huwelijk. Dutch singer and actor, becoming enormously successful as a child singer in the German speaking regions and South Africa. In April, a new CD of previously unreleased Heintje songs recorded in 1968 was released. In this year he also received the Golden Europe award in Wiesbaden, Germany, the first place of the Schlagerpreis der Europawellen Saar. for You should not cry, 1968), "Heidschi Bumbeidschi" (1968) and "Ich sing' ein Lied für dich" (I sing a song for you, 1969) all topped the charts. Teil, View agent, publicist, legal and company contact details on IMDbPro. 15/12/2011. Heintje sung in English in this movie. Zum Teufel mit der Penne - Die Lümmel von der ersten Bank, 2. He works and sings with much feeling, a touch of humor and a good sense of human commonality. In his 43rd year he sang the song Ein Bisschen Sonnenschein with his daughter Gina. Has performed in Dutch, German, English, Japanese and Afrikaans. Also in the Netherlands he received his first gold records. Hein was broken-hearted because his second father was no longer there for him. Copyright © Internationale Hein Simons Fanclub. During Ed Stewart's show Stew Pot he sung I'm your little boy. Together they produced a number of records in German, English and Afrikaans. He sung Ich sing' ein Lied für dich. Heintje's first LP became a reality! Fans are also able to buy a special fanbox which includes the CD and DVD along with a cup, autograph card and poster. A beautiful CD where Hein is singing to his fans: Thank you for all the good years. On his 40th birthday, he produced a techno version of his millions hit Mama, which was quite successful, but was a unique trip in the techno scene. He promised Heintje to fulfill his wish, namely a pony, if he turned out his best work. Telamo sold this CD with a number of different sets including a DVD set which features songs from his movies. It is the highest award for artists in Holland. 1989 The record was successful in Holland and Addy went to his friend, the German producer Wolfgang Roloff. Hein Simons received the Goldene Antenne in the category Schlager. Dal 1981 al 2014 Heintje è stato sposato con Doris Uhl, un'amica d'infanzia, che lo ha reso padre di due maschi e una femmina. Doc. Hein was back in China for the 2015 CCTV Spring Gala Festival. In Germany, Hein was still very successful and made the album Noch Einmal Mit Gefuhl. This year is the end of co-operation with Ingrid Reith and Hein progressed further with Walter Strom. Also in December, Hein goes on tour with Weihnachten mit unseren Stars. On December 6th, Heintje appears for the second time on Vico Torriani's Goldene Schuß. In March, Einmal wird die Sonne wieder scheinen (Once the sun will shine again) was released and in November Mein bester freund. Hein's first performance this year was in the Netherlands at the Piratenfestijn Artiestengala in May. He was invited by Peter Alexander to sing on the show Peter Alexander's Wunschkonzert. The program included spiritual songs, ballads and of course Christmas carols. Hearing his new title, his fans will find everything they love about Hein. In England, there was gold again for the sale of 1,000,000 singles I'm your little boy. At the end of the year, Hein released a new Christmas album Weihnachten mit Hein Simons, more than 40 years after the first Christmas LP. Discografia essenziale. Addy asked Heintje to sing a song. 33 (2011) as Soundtrack; Morgen fällt die Schule aus - Die Lümmel von der ersten Bank, VI. As his father already had Belgian nationality, they were able to make their home in Neu-Moresnet without any difficulty. Nach dem Stimmbruch war Schluss mit der Karriere. In August, the premiere of the movie Ein Herz geht auf reisen (A heart goes on a journey) took place in Münich. The whole family Simons moved to Belgium. Publicity Listings During this year Hein and Walter have concentrated on studio work and the guidance of a new German artist. 1982. Has three children, Pascal (born on 24 March 1982), Gina (born on 10 February 1989) and Hendrik (born on 4 August 1992). During 1996 Hein began work with manager and songwriter Ingrid Reith. On April 5th, after a long absence from his homeland, Hein was invited to the Schlagerfestival in the Roda Hall, Kerkrade. On March 1st, again Heintje reached first place at the Golden Lions of Radio Luxemburg, and at the Gruga-Hall in Essen, he received his second Golden Lion award. Although best known for his breakthrough hit "Mama" (1967), the song just reached #2 in the German Singles Charts. Doris Uhl (18 December 1981 - 2014) ( divorced) ( 3 children) Heintje Simons Movies. After winning a talent contest in the Dutch town of Schaesberg, he was discovered by Addy Kleijngeld. This time with the album . After 17 years absence, this gala was revived by Walter and Hein in collaboration with BRF. Heintje Simons, Soundtrack: Doc. On December 11th, Hein married Doris Uhl. (School is on fire) was shown for the first time in December. 1967 Heintje; 1968 Weihnachten mit Heintje Specifically for this TV gala Hein again took the title of Kleine Kinder, kleine Sorgen where he sang a verse in Chinese. His voice had broken. After they taped the first song Addy told Heintje he had earned a leg. At the Midem 70 in Cannes, France, at Hotel Majestic, Heintje received a platinum disc. On August 8th, he appeared for the first time on English television. There was a new comeback with the album Herzensmelodie and after the fall of the Berlin wall, he had great success in the former East Germany. Hein's newest CD Männer sind einfach zu gut was released. Heintje Simons WIFE, FAMILY, KIDS. July 28th. Album. 1, Hein married Doris Uhl. Heintje is now an Opa! In addition, in Germany, he received a further 6 golden records : On March 1st, during the Grand Gala du Disque in Amsterdam, Maurice Chevalier presented Heintje the Edison. By coincidence, Willy Alberti was there and he was very impressed with Heintje's singing and promised him a golden future. Heintje Simons was born on August 12, 1955 in Kerkrade, Limburg, Netherlands as Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons. Heintje had to stop for a break. Heintje was born on the 12th of August at Kerkrade, Bleijerheijde in the Netherlands. In September, a CD with new songs is released after 2 years. In the mean time, the movies had subtitles added in several languages and were shown all over the world. On 12th August Hein celebrated his 60th birthday. This year hasn't been kind to Hein. Resides on a horse ranch in Neu-Moresnet, Belgium with his family. They proved the singer of big hits like Ich bau' dir ein Schloß, Mama and Heidschi bumbeidschi has not been forgotten. Ich sag' danke was released. This birthday would be a double celebration for Hein as his daughter Gina had, a few weeks earlier, given birth to his first grandchild, a girl, Romy. It's been 41 years since Hein has released any new songs in Dutch. Heintje was playing soccer when his mother called him, to greet the man from the record-company. Other Works In August Hein made a tour in Australia, and in October he was back on stage in South Africa. Both of these appearances in Belgium were very successful. Hein's second tour to South Africa. 5 / 7. Addy went, with his accordion, to the café of Heintje's parents. He was unable to obtain a Dutch performing license so Heintje could not sing on TV in Holland but because of a short film made in Germany, Lausbub mit Stimme, it became possible for him to be on Dutch TV. (L-R) Hans Hee, Heintje, Addy Kleingeld & Ronny Roloff. It was also the last time Heintje was top of the charts in the Netherlands. Another CD is released by Telamo which includes 6 songs that were sung in the 1970's but were never released. This was also Heintje's first live-appearance on Dutch television. Again, he sang Kleine Kinder, kleine Sorgen and also appeared on stage alongside the well known American TV actor Patrick Duffy. Hein reached the second place on the election of Most successful album by RTL-Music.de and Media-Control. He was previously married to Doris Uhl. |  33. The song Mama was released in October and became a great success. In September, Hein released a new CD titled Alles halb so schlimm. There were two performances at the Jakarta Stadium, in front of more than 85.000 people !!! Di seguito viene elencata la produzione del cantante in tedesco. Heintje Simons is now called Hein Simons and made a comeback with the song Weit Ist Der Weg Nach Santa Cruz. Together with Heintje he went to Paris for a TV appearance and accompanied him on all the German tours. He was the first European artist to achieve this astounding feat. You can also hear the song Tulpen Aus Amsterdam, especially sung for his love for his fatherland. On August 4th, a second son, Hendrik was born. There was a new comeback. On February 10th, a daughter, Gina was born. In June, Hein was back in Bleijerheide, the neighborhood where he grew up in Kerkrade to open a large area care centre. After the Lümmel movies, there were 3 movies which were written for Heintje himself. On March 2. The total of golden records was now 28! |  Addy was 54 years old. Meine Besten is a collection of the most popular songs of the last 15 years. Heintje sung two songs, especially written for him ; Bei uns zu Haus ist es schön and Mondlicht geht durch alle Bäumen. Sie hätten kein Talent zu singen, sagte der Vater. The songs So Wie Ein Stern and Es Ist Nur Der Regen came out in May in Germany. 1981. At the invitation of the Chinese state television Hein traveled to Beijing in January. On June 4th a compilation CD was released. A lot of beautiful songs and a bonus song where real fans will say: It gives me goosebumps. The following singles "Du sollst nicht weinen" (lit. In his 4. The movie Morgen fällt die Schule aus (School breaks up tomorrow) premiered on May 27, in Münich. In October, Hein became a grandfather for the second time when a boy was born to his youngest son, Hendrik. Hein Simons has remained faithful on his new album. The album was titled Das Beste: Seine schönsten Volkslieder and the songs were digitally remastered. On 12th August, Hein celebrated his 50th birthday. After 12 prepared songs, Addy was ready to produce the first record. The year when he turned 18, Heintje made a tour in Indonesia. During a talent contest in the town of Schaesberg he sang that beautiful song Mama for all the mothers in the world. In Munich, on January 24th, he received a further 12 gold records : The count is now 40 gold records, and in the mean time he also received 10 platinum discs. Hein's biography was released in November. On December 11th, Hein married Doris Uhl. During the year, Hein appears at the Moeders mooiste moment show in the Oktoberhall at Wieze, and also at the Schlagerparade at the Lotto-Arena in Antwerp. He received his first pony, which he also named Addy. 1981 wird geheiratet: Doris Uhl und Heintje bekommen drei Kinder. September 5th, in Holland KRO put on a special show on Ned.1, for the 90th Birthday of Robert Stolz. No other artist ever did better than our Hein !!!!! Quelle: SZ. On December 2nd, Hein was back on German television. De huwelijkscrisis van Heintje. After many years of working with Walter Strom, Hein has now joined with JAZ Music. It was also the start of a tour through America, with a new appearance in The Chevrolet-Show on September 20th. In Moresnet (Belgium) Hein bought his own farm, including 40 hectares of meadowland and forest. Superfest der Schlager in Hamburg, Germany. He finished second only to the Beatles. Heintje was in seventh heaven. On December 21st, Heintje appeared for the first time on German TV as a guest in Vico Torriani's Goldene Schuß. On November 14th he did 4 shows for the Coast to Coast TV Specials. He was previously married to Doris Uhl. After his success stopped due to a voice change during his puberty, he made a comeback in the 1990s. His third Afrikaans album, Mayday was released by Sheer Music. A friend of his father, a bar keeper, took Heintje under his wing and arranged for him to perform in Limburg's coalmine district. Het had overigens niets gescheeld of de twee hadden dat niet gehaald. In August Hein made a tour in Australia, and in October he was back on stage in South Africa. The nine-year-old Heintje learned a lot from the jukebox-music of Robertino. He was also the guest of President Suharto and his wife. In Kettenis, near Eupen (Belgium), on October 16 the Goldene Antenne awards were presented. There are 21 concerts scheduled for the month starting on the 1st and ending on the 30th. Hein made a comeback in Holland with the single Und Das Alles Nur Weil Wir Uns Lieben and had a lot of success. 3rd year he sang the song . Heintje, nu Hein Simons, is inmiddels 56 en met zijn jeugdvriendin Doris Uhl is hij dit jaar exact dertig jaar getrouwd.

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