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V roce 2010 byla vybudována přes Rýn visutá gondolová lanovka, původně jako dočasná stavba kvůli hostování bienální spolkové zahradnické výstavy. Ve městě jsou čtyři silniční mosty přes Rýn a šest přes Moselu. Roku 1636 je dobylo zpět císařské vojsko a 1688 je opět obléhala francouzská armáda. Palace of the archbishop-electors of Trier. [6] It is located some 15 kilometres (9 miles) outside the city at the Autobahnkreuz Koblenz. n. l., ležela na cípu země mezi oběma řekami a z jejího latinského názvu confluentes (soutok) dnešní jméno Koblenz vzniklo. The Rhine is crossed by the Pfaffendorf Bridge, originally the location of a rail bridge, but now a road bridge and, a mile south of city, by the Horchheim Railway Bridge, consisting of two wide and lofty spans carrying the Lahn Valley Railway, part of the Berlin railway referred to above. [5] The event was widely celebrated from the 1870s until the 1910s. Nádraží Koblenz Hbf leží na levobřežní trati vedoucí údolím Rýna mezi městy Bonn a Mohuč. Daher ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass hier auch jeden Tag Verstöße gegen das Verkehrsrecht registriert werden.. Eine große Hilfe bei deren Erfassung stellen Blitzer dar. The city is also on various federal highways 9, 42, 49, 416, 258 and 327. After World War I, France occupied the area once again. Imperial forces finally succeeded in retaking it by storm in 1636. The Rhine Gorge was declared a World Heritage Site in 2002, with Koblenz marking the northern end. The Koblenz Hauptbahnhof (central station) was built on a spacious site outside the former walls at the junction of the Cologne-Mainz railway and the strategic Metz-Berlin line. V centru návštěvníky ohromí středověké kostely (Sv. For other uses, see, Location of Koblenz in Rhineland-Palatinate, List of twin towns and sister cities in Germany, "Bevölkerungsstand 2019, Kreise, Gemeinden, Verbandsgemeinden", http://www.rhein-zeitung.de/regionales_artikel,-Bei-Amazon-in-Koblenz-arbeiten-bald-3000-Leute-_arid,494182.html, https://www.spiegel.de/plus/tobi-luetke-der-shopify-gruender-expandiert-nach-deutschland-a-00000000-0002-0001-0000-000159308844, Cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Koblenz&oldid=983945943, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using infobox German location with unknown parameters, Wikipedia articles incorporating text from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz area identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Headquarters is also the Staff of the Inspector of the Joint Medical Service, GenOStArzt Dr. Ulrich Baumgaertner. The city celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 1992. S otevřením nové vysokorychlostní trati Kolín nad Rýnem - Frankfurt nad Mohanem ztratil Koblenc část svého významu jako železniční křižovatky, i když zde nadále zastavují vlaky ICE. However, this force was soon expelled by the Swedes, who in their turn handed the city over again to the French. Mach mit! The Saarland was added four years later after the population had voted to join Germany. The children's toy yo-yo was nicknamed de Coblenz (Koblenz) in 18th-century France, referring to the large number of noble French émigrées then living in the city.[8]. The University of Applied Sciences Koblenz (German: Hochschule Koblenz) is also located in the city. In 55 BC, Roman troops commanded by Julius Caesar reached the Rhine and built a bridge between Koblenz and Andernach. It is part of the populous Rhineland. In 1216, prince-bishop Theoderich von Wied donated part of the lands of the basilica and the hospital to the Teutonic Knights, which later became the Deutsches Eck. The French occupation administration intended the complete destruction of the monument and wanted to replace it with a new one. 2020 v 11:52. 11. Since 1890, the city has consisted of the Altstadt (old city) and the Neustadt (new city) or Klemenstadt. Roku 9 př. Among the many royalist French refugees who flooded into the city were Louis XVI's two younger brothers, the Comte de Provence and the Comte d'Artois. V roce 2010 byla otevřena zastávka Koblenz-Mitte. Florián, kostel Panny Marie) a rekonstruované historické domy. Since the 17th century, it has been home to the Königsbacher brewery (the Old Brewery in Koblenz's city centre, and now a plant in Koblenz-Stolzenfels). Prominent among these, near the point of confluence of the rivers, is the Basilica of St. Castor or Kastorkirche, dedicated to Castor of Karden, with four towers. Koblenz is a principal seat of the Mosel and Rhenish wine trade, and also does a large business in the export of mineral waters. In this quarter of the city, too, is the Liebfrauenkirche, a fine church (nave 1250, choir 1404–1431) with lofty late Romanesque towers; the castle of the electors of Trier, erected in 1280, which now contains the municipal picture gallery; and the family house of the Metternichs, where Prince Metternich, the Austrian statesman, was born in 1773. In the modern part of the city lies the palace (Residenzschloss), with one front looking towards the Rhine, the other into the Neustadt. It is an important transit centre for the Rhine railways and for the Rhine navigation. Koblenz, as seen from the International Space Station. In April 2011 Koblenz-Stadtmitte station was opened in the inner city to coincide with the opening of the Federal Garden Show 2011. Über 40.000 feste und mehr als 60.000 mobile Radarfallen und die größte Bildergalerie im Web. Brno: Olympia Praha, 1990. The Teutonic Knights were given an area for their Deutschherrenhaus Bailiwick right at the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel, which became known as German Corner (Deutsches Eck). The Glockenberg Tunnel connects the Pfaffendorf Bridge to the B 42. From it some gardens and promenades (Kaiserin Augusta Anlagen) stretch along the bank of the Rhine, and in them is a memorial to the poet Max von Schenkendorf. Roku 1890 byly zbořeny městské hradby a postaveno hlavní nádraží. Koblenz (do roku 1926 Coblenz, česky též Koblenec) je historicky významné německé město ve spolkové zemi Porýní-Falci, ve kterém žije přibližně 114 tisíc obyvatel. As German unity was considered complete and the areas under Polish administration were ceded to Poland, the monument lost its official active purpose, now only reminding of history. After the fall of the Bastille in 1789, the city became, through the invitation of the archbishop-elector's chief minister, Ferdinand Freiherr von Duminique, one of the principal rendezvous points for French émigrés. Severně od města probíhá dálnice A 48, což je spojka dálnic A 1 (Saarbrücken-Kolín) a A 3 (Frankfurt nad Mohanem-Kolín). Emperor Conrad II was elected here in 1138. The arrow of virtue (Tugendpfeil) is a large gold or silver hairpin from the female headdress of Koblenz and the left bank of the Rhine until the beginning of the 20th century[9]. Po Francouzské revoluci se stalo útočištěm uprchlých roajalistů, kteří roku 1792 zorganizovali neúspěšné vojenské tažení do Francie. About 9 BC, the "Castellum apud Confluentes", was one of the military posts established by Drusus. In 1198, the battle between Philip of Swabia and Otto IV took place nearby. During World War II, the statue was destroyed by US artillery. The German Corner is since associated with this monument, the (re) foundation of the German Empire and the German refusal of any French claims to the area, as described in the song "Die Wacht am Rhein" together with the "Wacht am Rhein" called "Niederwalddenkmal" some 60 kilometres (37 miles) upstream. In 1897, a monument to German Emperor William I of Germany, mounted on a 14-metre-high horse, was inaugurated there by his grandson Wilhelm II. In 1953, Bundespräsident Theodor Heuss re-dedicated the monument to German unity, adding the signs of the remaining western federal states as well as the ones of the lost areas in the East. Its manufactures include automotive parts (braking systems – TRW Automotive, gas springs and hydraulic vibration dampers – Stabilus), aluminium coils (Aleris Aluminum), pianos, paper, cardboard, machinery, boats, and barges. In 1018, the city was given by the emperor Henry II to the archbishop-elector of Trier after receiving a charter. Původní římská pevnost, založená kolem roku 9 př. This article is about the city in Germany. In addition, Louis XVI's cousin, Prince Louis Joseph de Bourbon, prince de Condé, arrived and formed an army of young aristocrats willing to fight the French Revolution and restore the Ancien Régime. Not long after, Russian troops occupied Koblenz; and St. Near Koblenz is the Lahneck Castle near Lahnstein, open to visitors from 1 April to 31 October. Na místě dnešního hradu Ehrenbretstein vzniklo kolem roku 1000 př. The latter were razed in 1890, and the city was permitted to expand in this direction. Ačkoliv Mezinárodní rada pro památky a sídla v roce 2013 vyzvala k její okamžité demontáži kvůli narušení výhledu v rámci turistické oblasti Středního Porýní, zapsané do světového dědictví, UNESCO povolilo její provozování až do roku 2026. Rozkládá se na obou březích Rýna na jeho soutoku s Moselou. The day chosen for the reinstatement of the statue, however, caused controversy as it coincided with Sedantag (Sedan Day) (2 September 1870) a day of celebration remembering Germany's victory over France in the Battle of Sedan. Täglich 1.000 neue Blitzer in Echtzeit. Its defensive works are extensive, and consist of strong forts crowning the hills encircling the city to the west, and the citadel of Ehrenbreitstein on the opposite bank of the Rhine. From 16 – 19 March 1945, it was the scene of heavy fighting by the U.S. 87th Infantry Division in support of Operation Lumberjack. source: This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 06:15. Koblenz is the beginning of the Moselle line to Trier (and connecting to Luxemburg and Saarbrücken) and the Lahn Valley Railway to Limburg and Gießen. The city was a member of the league of the Rhenish cities which rose in the 13th century. The Moselle is spanned by a Gothic freestone bridge of 14 arches, erected in 1344, two modern road bridges and also by two railway bridges. Kurfiřtové zde od roku 1690 také sídlili a v jejich majetku zůstalo město až do konce 18. století. Priest, their commander, added in irony these words: "Vu et approuvé par nous, Commandant russe de la Ville de Coblence: Janvier 1er, 1814.". The church was founded in 836 by Louis the Pious, but the present Romanesque building was completed in 1208, the Gothic vaulted roof dating from 1498. Dva tisíce let dlouhá historie třetího největšího města spolkové země Porýní-Falc je znát na každém rohu. In 925, it became part of the eastern German Kingdom, later the Holy Roman Empire. In 1833, the palace was used as a barracks, and became a terminal post for the optical telecommunications system that originated in Potsdam. Unfall - Koblenz Europabrücke stadtaus, Stau ab Südbrücke. It is the high command of the German Army Joint Medical Service. In defiance of the French, the German populace of the city insisted on using the more German spelling of Koblenz after 1926. It ranks in population behind Mainz and Ludwigshafen am Rhein to be the third-largest city in Rhineland-Palatinate. It was built in 1778–1786 by Clemens Wenceslaus, the last elector of Trier, following a design by the French architect P.M. d'Ixnard. Koblenz was established as a Roman military post by Drusus around 8 B.C. A Flag of Germany has flown there since. Koblenz se může pochlubit nepřeberným množstvím kulturních a historických památek, bludištěm úzkých uliček i atmosférou vládnoucí na většině náměstíček a promenád. After the division of Charlemagne's empire, it was included in the lands of his son Louis the Pious (814). Beachten Sie deshalb die jeweils zulässigen Höchstgeschwindigkeiten. Aktuelle Verkehrsinformationen in Koblenz über feste Blitzer. Its name originates from the Latin (ad) cōnfluentēs, meaning "(at the) confluence". Blitzer - B9 Koblenz vor der Europabrücke stadteinwärts bei 70 n. l. opevněné sídlo a roku 55 dorazilo k Rýnu římské vojsko pod vedením Julia Caesara, který dal postavit most mezi Koblencem a Andernachem. Für die jenigen, die gestern auf der A61 rtg Köln zwischen Koblenz und Plaidt geblitzt wurden, obwohl sie nicht zu schnell fuhren. Západně od města probíhá dálnice A 61, spojující Ludwigshafen a Mönchengladbach. In 1993, the flag was replaced by a copy of the statue, donated by a local couple. Also notable is the church of St. Florian, with a two towers façade from c. 1110. Další most, postavený kolem roku 150, zničili roku 259 Frankové. Kolem roku 1250 dostalo město nové hradby. The headquarters of the German Army Forces Command was located in the city until 2012. The Congress of Vienna assigned the city to Prussia, and in 1822, it was made the seat of government for the Prussian Rhine Province. The campus Koblenz of University of Koblenz and Landau is located in the city. In 860 and 922, Koblenz was the scene of ecclesiastical synods. Město pak velmi vzkvétalo až do třicetileté války, kdy je dobyli nejprve Švédové, kteří je předali Francouzům. The city was the residence of the archbishop-electors of Trier from 1690 to 1801. After Philip Christopher, elector of Trier, surrendered Ehrenbreitstein to the French, the city received an imperial garrison in 1632. n. l. zde Drusus založil opevněný tábor apud confluentes na obranu mostu z obou stran řeky. Hinter der Europabrücke (auf Innenstadtseite) Koblenz-Rübenach, Aachener Straße (stadteinwärts aus Richtung Bassenheim kommend) Bundestraße 9, Ortsdurchfahrt Koblenz-Stolzenfels; Kontrollen sind grundsätzlich auch an anderen Stellen möglich. In the more ancient part of Koblenz stand several buildings which have a historical interest. Around 1000 BC, early fortifications were erected on the Festung Ehrenbreitstein hill on the opposite side of the Moselle. Po Napoleonově pádu je obsadili Rusové a po Vídeňském kongresu připadlo Prusku. Among other exhibits, it contains some Gobelin tapestries. The following bridges cross: Koblenz Hbf is an Intercity-Express stop on the West Rhine Railway between Bonn and Mainz and is also served by trains on the East Rhine Railway Wiesbaden–Cologne. Městskou dopravu obstarávají autobusy. Remains of a large bridge built in 49 AD by the Romans are still visible. A statue to the empress Augusta, whose favourite residence was Coblenz, stands in the Luisenplatz. The Teutonic Knights founded the Bailiwick of Koblenz in or around 1231. V letech 1947-1950 bylo sídlem vlády Porýní-Vestfálska. It is based at the Falckenstein-Barracks (Falckenstein-Kaserne) and the Rhine-Barracks (Rhein-Kaserne) in Koblenz. daroval arcibiskupovi trevírskému jako kurfiřtovi. In 837, it was assigned to Charles the Bald, and a few years later it was here that Carolingian heirs discussed what was to become the Treaty of Verdun (843), by which the city became part of Lotharingia under Lothair I. In 1249–1254, Koblenz was given new walls by Archbishop Arnold II of Isenburg; and it was partly to overawe the turbulent citizens that successive archbishops built and strengthened the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein that still dominates the city. The Bundeswehr Joint Medical Service Headquarters was formed in 2012 as part of a larger reorganization of the Bundeswehr. At the first synod, held in the Liebfrauenkirche, the reconciliation of Louis the German with his half-brother Charles the Bald took place. Za druhé světové války zde bylo vojenské velitelství skupiny armád Wehrmachtu a město bylo silně poškozeno nálety. In 1786, the last archbishop-elector of Trier, Clemens Wenceslaus of Saxony, greatly assisted the extension and improvement of the city, turning the Ehrenbreitstein into a magnificent baroque palace. The Army of Condé joined with an allied army of Prussian and Austrian soldiers led by Duke Karl Wilhelm Ferdinand of Brunswick in an unsuccessful invasion of France in 1792. Formerly separate villages now incorporated into the jurisdiction of the city of Koblenz. Koblenz lies in a narrow flood plain between high hill ranges, some reaching mountainous height, and is served by an express rail and autobahn network. On 3 October 1990, the very day the former GDR states joined, their signs were added to the monument. The Romans built two castles as protection for the bridge, one in 9 AD and another in the 2nd century, the latter being destroyed by the Franks in 259.

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