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pm2 start npm --name "next-js" -- start. How to dynamically set dir attribute based on locale in NextJS 10? Inside this directory, you will see your application source code. : Add note to docs for i18n and next export: Upgrade Emotion example to React 17 and Emotion 11 and use automatic JSX runtime: [ EXAMPLES ] Added with-apollo-neo4j-graphql: add example with mobx version 6 and mobx react lite: Typo in url nextjs instead of next.js: Omit ignored property from to prevent confusion: Update Image docs with links to examples: Print error when Image src is protocol-relative: Disable image optimization for Data URLs: Ensure redirects are handled properly from cache: tests(create-next-app): increase coverage: Fix chromedriver set-up to test electron separately: Fix lazy loaded images on IE 11 when no IntersectionObserver detected: Load CSS early instead of only preloading: Ensure correct target is used for ncc'ing web-vitals: Fix redirect query handling for param like values: Ensure auto-export dynamic routes work with i18n next start: Fix false positive in isSerializable with shared references in arrays: Add etag header to optimized image response: Fixed wrong function name in error message: Ensure correct defaultLocale is provided for locale domain: Ensure basePath behavior with GS(S)P redirect: fix(next): resolve absolute path to @babel/runtime: Replace page loader with new route loader: Ensure params and locale are parsed correctly in fallback mode: Add test and errsh for mixed notFound/redirect error: Add experimental Next.js plugin version locking: Ensure i18n with basePath works properly: Upgrade use-subscription for React 16/17 bicompat: Ensure optional catchall prerendered indexes and i18n: Fallback to default config to enable testing Image component: Fix component lifecycle order for style swap: Respect next/babel user provided runtime option: Add "nonce" from to the injected