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Luckily, that was not the case with Combichrist. Die zwei Russland-Konzerte von Rammstein stehen auf der Kippe: Nach einer Brandkatastrophe in einer Diskothek äußern russische Behörden Bedenken wegen des Pyrospektakels der Berliner. Lots of random imagery follows, like upside down crosses dripping blood and other things designed to inflame and impassion the young disaffected metal head that would find himself at a Rammstein show. The curtain drops accompanied by the first fireworks of the evening as the entire band is revealed, backed by a black curtain with random tears in it that looks like someone took a very large knife to it. Dezember Feuer und Flamme sein, wenn Rammstein nach elf Jahren Abstinenz in die Staaten zurückkehren. Many terrible opening acts have taken up stage space and time without deserving it. He’s ready for war, and the way her screams into the microphone, doubling over in painful passion makes you sit up and take notice. Our questions were soon answered by the electronic pulse of “Sonne,” which makes perfect sense in retrospect. Germans and Americans alike chattered anxiously as people were let in in slow increments. It’s about the people who bused, drove, flew, trained, and traveled in droves to come to New York just to see them. Auch das Album darf wieder frei verkauft werden - vorläufig. Rammstein, arguably one of the most successful industrial metal bands of the past fifteen years, returned after nine years without playing a single concert on US soil for a one time only show at Madison Square Garden. Most of the footage was recorded at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on December 9, 2010. mein gitt, ihr habt doch echt einen an der pfanne, für wie wichtig haltet ihr euch und eure meinung über total unwichtige mainstrembands. The drummer closest to me focuses on an unrelenting hi-hat assault, a disco beat from hell, while his compatriot rumbles forth with a tribal tom beat. It required a bit of creative transportation, but I made the trek down to New York City to take in the show that sold out blisteringly quickly. Rammstein in Amerika (German for "Rammstein in America"), is a live concert video album by German NDH-metal band Rammstein.It documents the sold out show the band played at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, United States on December 11, 2010. Deutsche Fans hatten im vergangenen Sommer ihre Chance und müssen sich nun mit Katja Riemann begnügen, wenn ihnen das Ticket über den Teich zu teuer ist. Till grabs a flare/torch thingie, lights the fuel line, and turns it into a flamethrower, taking the opportunity to light the intruder on fire (naturally). The unmistakable keyboard opening of “Du Hast” leads to more fire, first in the shape of the crossbow that shoots fireworks out above the crowd that the band’s been using for fifteen years now, followed by more instances of the giant stage flamethrowers. It was nice to hear “Engel” again, as Sehnsucht is my least favorite of Rammstein’s albums, so I don’t find myself actually hearing much of the music very often. Til Lindemann kicks his way through the opening to the delight of the crowd, as the opening strings of “Rammlied” waft out from Flake Lorenz’ keyboard rig hidden behind the black. The flamethrowers in the stage and mounted on the lights really get a workout. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise when the chorus hits and the wings are revealed to also be flamethrowers. I wonder sometimes if every Rammstein song has a quiet bridge to allow time to set up crazy stunts), a man in black, presumably deigned to be a man from the crowd, starts running around the stage. Bei Rock Am Ring spielten Rammstein den zeitweise indizierten Song "Ich Tu Dir Weh". Rammstein: in Amerika - Live from Madison Square Garden (4) IMDb 8.7 1h 41min 2015. Of course, because this is a Rammstein show, dammit, the dolls all explode at the climax of the song, littering the stage. And when, after the song ends, the six members of the band come to the front of the stage and kneel in appreciation, you can feel the love of the crowd wash over them. It would be difficult to tell. Während die Pyro-Rocker den Madison Square Garden flambieren, geht Katja Riemann mit Rammstein-Songs auf Deutschland-Tour. I have moved my writing and reviews to a new site, and am no longer updating this blog. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “Du Riechst So Gut” brings us back to the band’s first ever single from Herzeleid, as the stage is awash in green, but otherwise bereft of pyro during the fan favorite. It’s quite the spectacle, with the crowd chanting along to the band’s namesake in the chorus. Die Schauspielerin ist zur Zeit mit dem Berliner Gitarristen Arne Jansen und ihrem Programm "Friedensreich" unterwegs. Luckily, most of the actual subject matter of the songs themselves tends to be somewhat interchangeable (especially for an American audience with every song in German), and the music is obviously well suited to the pomp. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. [END OF ASIDE!]. There will be a second encore. Lead singer and Combichrist founder Andy LaPlegua stalkes to stage, resplendent in Mad Max finery and a platinum silver Mohawk. It becomes more important than the song. “Links 2 3 4” gives the crowd another sort of rest from the pyro, featuring a nice explosion on the first major downbeat of the song and not too much else. Mit ihrem aktuellen Album "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" touren Rammstein ab Ende November auch durch Mexiko, Kolumbien, Chile, Argentinien und Brasilien. ( Log Out /  Rammstein isn’t going to change the world. It’s pretty damned creepy, and the perfect fit for what might be the best song Rammstein has ever produced. The music isn’t particularly emotional in the normal sense, but there is no doubt in the dedication of those present at the show. And, of course, the perfect way to follow up with the bombast of a song like “Feuer Frei!” would be to have a lonely little lamp next to a gramophone, as the string section that kicks off “Wiener Blut” bubbled through the PA. Just before the guitars kick in, there’s an extended pause, giving time to set up the central conceit of the gimmick, which consists of dozens of little baby dolls hanging from the light rigging, all of which have been fitted with green laser pointers for eyes. They just play it and move on to “Waimann’s Heil,” in which Till spends the song carrying around a giant, oversized hunting musket. The 102-minute concertfilm includes the entirety of Rammstein’s legendary concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden on December 11th 2010, the show that sold out in 20 minutes and marked the band’s live return to the States after a ten-year absence. “B*********” follows, and is notable for being one of the only songs they play all night featuring no central gimmick or pyro of any kind. What results is a massive wall of percussive sound that manages to perfectly emulate the pulse of a drum machine with bad intentions while remaining organic and real. Probably purposefully, the ambient music emanating from behind the black curtain covering the stage seemed to last an eternity, as the crowd got louder and louder. The song does mark the expected end of the first set, and as the crowd chants for their return, I try to think of what could still be awaiting us during the encores. It’s a dangerous proposition, as the 15-20 semi trucks they need to bring with them to every show makes for pretty slim overheads. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. They proceed to go old school afterwards, bringing us back to the mid nineties with “Weisses Fleisch,” although Till’s infamous spark-shooting boots were nowhere to be found this time around, one of the few instances of the band changing up their pyro from earlier tours. Flake went for the ride this time, jubilantly rowing his way through the pit as they passed him along. Oktober 2010. What is more of a concern is the gas station fuel pump that is added to the stage before the next song, which unsurprisingly is “Benzin,” the only song of the night from Rosenrot. The band takes the time to slow things down at this point, a more than good decision considering the sonic assault of the last three songs. Concert Review: Rammstein at New York's Madison Square Garden By Everyones_A_Critic December 12, 2010 14 Comments It's been 11 years since German industrial-metal band Rammstein performed on US soil, and the anticipation was palpable as my friend and I walked around the block just to get in line to enter the legendary Madison Square Garden. No, this one is really all about connecting with the fans, the diehards who refused to abandon the music of Rammstein despite in many cases never having the option to see any of it played live. Seeing Rammstein live is a one of a kind experience. Rammsteins Management greift wieder durch: Große Teile eines Interviews, das Gitarrero Richard Kruspe dem österreichischen Standard gab, landeten im Reißwolf. Change ). Rammstein, arguably one of the most successful industrial metal bands of the past fifteen years, returned after nine years without playing a single concert on US soil for a one time only show at Madison Square Garden. From now on, you can find me over at www.alphaprimitive.com. Über die Jahre haben die martialischen Rocker aus Berlin alles erreicht, was man sich als Musiker …. Rammstein: US-Konzert ruckzuck ausverkauft vom 12. We’re talking a good ten feet as far as the length of the flame is concerned. It’s quite the scene to behold. It's been 11 years since German industrial-metal band Rammstein performed on US soil, and the anticipation was palpable as my friend and I walked around the block just to get in line to enter the legendary Madison Square Garden. Erst im Juli spielte die Band vor 130.000 Fans auf dem Summer City Festival im kanadischen Quebec. Still, it was an incredible show, and anyone who has the opportunity to see this band live should not miss it. They might be able to sell out one show in a giant market when it’s a true event, but would they garner the same interest in Kansas City or Texas? Only 20 minutes into the pre-sale, Madison Square Garden, New York announces: Sold out! ( Log Out /  Feuer frei: Rammstein entzündet 2010 im Madison Square Garden von New York die Flamme der Freiheit Quelle: Guido Karp Keine deutsche Band ist in Amerika, dem … Seats were in the second level of the bowl, the 300 level halfway down the stage right side of the arena. Während die Pyro-Rocker den Madison Square Garden flambieren, geht Katja Riemann mit Rammstein-Songs auf Deutschland-Tour. And it’s a doozy. Ollie Reidel (oddly enough) opens the next song with the acoustic guitar part of “Frühling in Paris,” which was a bit of a surprise considering Ollie normally plays bass. To further the involvement of the crowd, the next song is “Ich Will,” complete with built in call and response choruses. Just like they did back in 2001 at the Pledge of Allegiance tour, Till, Paul, and Richard strapped on their face flamethrowers (which are basically exactly what you would expect from that description) and shot fire all over the goddamned place for the final reprise of the chorus. (image source) December 11, 2010 was an important day indeed for industrial music fans in America. Soon enough, a bright red spark ignited the center of the curtain, slowly traveling along an established path creating the unmistakable shape of a door. He runs around for a while, stagehands trying to put him out, until he finally collapses in a cloud of fire extinguisher agent. This time, it is discovered that there are additional giant flamethrowers mounted on the lighting rig that fire just as gigantic flames back toward the band. Melodies float from the keys amidst the din, catching the ear with brief pleasantries. It’s fucking RAMMSTEIN, and despite the silliness, it works. But there’s a certain Weimar Republic-era Cabaret feel to the proceedings. The lighting rigs and speaker systems threatened to potentially obstruct viewing of parts of the stage, but it didn’t look like it would be too much of a problem. As the first chorus hits, which features Till singing the chorus of “Non, je ne regrette rien,” the backdrop falls (no pyro this time), revealing these columnar structures built up around what looks somewhat like buildings, as well as three honeycomb lighting rigs that have a pretty wide range of movement. aber was ein schöner abschlusssatz deinerseits... sehr schön ! It’s something special, a one of a kind moment. Till, of course, doesn’t take kindly to this, and catches Flake as he tries to run away, dumping him into a steel bathtub that had been sitting quietly behind Paul for most of the song. This is also the first time we get to see the floor flame jets in all of their complete glory, shooting a good 20 to 30 feet of flames into the air. It’s just not a good song. It still doesn’t make me actually like the song, but it’s still quite the image. A couple explosions later, and the sparks run out, and the song finishes. I still don’t like the song. The lights dim after half an hour, and the crowd can barely contain itself. With some flames licking out of the top of it. I mean, what else could we possibly expect? December 11, 2010 was an important day indeed for industrial music fans in America. Für Nord-Amerika ist das Event im Madison Square Garden das einzig geplante Konzert. Here’s the funny thing about Rammstein live, that I find to generally be both a cool thing and a detriment at the same time; the props and the fire and the explosions tend to overshadow the songs themselves, but not in a way that is completely destructive. For just about every song for the rest of the night, Flake is walking in place to the beat of the song. Lots of unnecessary cursing and aggressiveness I’ve learned to leave behind in my older, wiser years. There have been some rumors going around that a Spring 2011 full fledged US tour might be in the works considering the undeniable success of the MSG show. He’s carrying a milk jug. In the past, this would have happened while they played “Seemann,” or “Stripped.” Much to my delight, this show’s nautically themed excursion would be done to the tune of “Haifisch,” the Bertolt Brecht referencing jaunty little number that’s one of the better tracks from the new album. This post was written to the tune of Tristan Allen’s debut EP and Clint Mansell’s score for Black Swan. As the lights dim, Flake emerges in a glittering jumpsuit, dancing his way across the stage until he returns to his synth rig. It’s about the fans who helped make sure the show would sell out in less than half an hour and become a giant story in New York in its own right. But it’s not over. While it was never as big of a mainstream song as “Du Hast,” “Engel” is still the iconic song of that album for most fans of the band. When Till mounts the cock-cannon and it proceeds to spit a white soapy substance all over the standing room only crowd, subtlety officially dies the world over. This time, the stops consist of a giant cannon set up on a dolly between the stage and the pit, unmistakably colored to look like a giant cock. [TIME FOR AN ASIDE!] Rammstein provozieren immer mal wieder und immer gerne. Not much by means of pyro in this one, except a few fireworks during some of the more notable downbeats. Berlin (snr) - Der Madison Square Garden in New York wird am 11. The giant metal wings are a wonder to see, creating the perfect visual for the end of such a bombastic show. He then proceeds to pour the jug into the waiting bathtub, showing molten sparks and fire into the resting place of Flake Lorenz (presumably, he’s hiding below a false bottom). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. We were, however, treated with a tiny little drum solo and the first (of many) instance of Flake dancing around like an idiot. I sat down and got ready for the opening band. Der Hype um Rammstein auf dem amerikanischen Kontinent will einfach nicht abreißen. The concert film celebrates the band’s legendary show in New York’s Madison Square Garden – Rammstein’s return to the US after a ten-year absence. Der Ansturm auf die Tickets war so enorm, dass die Vorverkaufsstellen innerhalb einer halben Stunde "sold out" meldeten. ( Log Out /  This isn’t a Tori Amos show (and that’s no slight against Tori Amos, who I find to be awesome). Then, for no real reason, he explodes again, which starts a conveyer belt below his rig that stays on for basically the rest of the show. It’s aggressive and abrasive, but never loses sight of being music. So long story short, Till ends up shooting the musket up into the lighting rig during the bridge, leading to part of the rig exploding into fireworks and showing sparks down to the stage, which lights some fire strips down by the monitors that burn slowly for the rest of the song. It’s easy to tell that quite a few of the spectators had never seen a Rammstein show, and possibly thought they never would unless they chose to leave the country in order to do so.

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