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He assisted her in oppressing the citizens of Calidan while leading the fight against Ahsoka Tano. Several recurring characters have been featured in The Mandalorian. [1][8] Pascal has cited Clint Eastwood as an influence on the character, and many comparisons have been drawn between the Mandalorian and Eastwood's Man with No Name. Together, they form an unlikely alliance between the townspeople and the Tusken Raiders to elminate their common enemy, before the Mandalorian comes up with a strategy to use a Bantha as a suicide bomber and have it detonate once the dragon eats it. Boba Fett is a notorious bounty hunter who wore Mandalorian armor. She mentions that Grogu is only the second living being of his species that Ahsoka has encountered, the first being Master Yoda. She later gives him the task of taking the Frog Lady to Trask where her husband has knowledge of other Mandalorians' whereabouts. [25][26] Operating out of the planet Nevarro,[25] Greef gives assignments to bounty hunters and ensures everyone follows the guild's code. [86][88], Kuiil is voiced by Nick Nolte,[82][83] who completed his recordings for all the character's dialogue in a single afternoon. [34][37] The Mandalorian delivers the Child to the Client,[38][39] but later rescues him back. The two returned with the AT-ST and raiders in chase. ", "Everything We Know About 'The Mandalorian' Season 2", "The Mandalorian Episode 6 Cast Guide: Guest Stars & Cameos Explained", "Characters in The Mandalorian with more meaning than you realize", "The Mandalorian Takes Shots At Stormtrooper Aim – and Jar Jar Binks", "Anakin Skywalker and three more cameos you missed in 'Mandalorian' episode 6", "The Mandalorian: 10 Characters We Hope To See Return In Season 2", "The Mandalorian's Surprise Episode 6 Cameos Explained", "The Mandalorian Actor Admits He Never Liked Star Wars And Mocked Every Movie", "The Next to Join the Cast of 'The Mandalorian'? Gender It debuted with "Chapter 1: The Mandalorian" on November 12, 2019 on Disney+. [128][136], Moff Gideon is the leader of the Imperial remnant and the primary antagonist of The Mandalorian. [125][154]He re-appears in "Chapter 12: The Siege". In her early life, her people were attacked during the Clone Wars. He was previously an operative in the Imperial Security Bureau, a covert intelligence arm and secret police for the Empire,[139][140] and played a role in past efforts to eliminate the Mandalorians. Following the mission with Bo-Katan, the Mandalorian returns where he finds the Child interacting with the hatchlings. The Mandalorian and Ahsoka work together to liberate Calidan from Elsbeth who is defeated by Ahsoka. When fellow villagers Caben and Stoke convinced t… [197][198], Toro Calican is portrayed by Jake Cannavale. [221][222] He uses two blaster pistols, as well as a third blaster controlled by a droid arm attached to his backpack. [89] Kuiil's motion capture performance was done by Misty Rosas,[78][90] who during filming wore a face mask brought to life through animatronics and puppetry,[89][90] with its electronics and wires concealed in the backpack and pockets of Kuiil's costume. [7] By the end of the first season, the Child is adopted into the Mandalorian culture as a "foundling", and the Mandalorian is tasked with reuniting the Child with others of his kind. [33] He hires the Mandalorian, as well as several other bounty hunters,[34][35] to recover the Child on behalf of his superior, Moff Gideon. [1], When Dune and the Mandalorian investigated the Klatooinian raiders and discovered the tracks of an AT-ST, they gathered the villagers and told them they would have to migrate elsewhere. Lang is an Imperial Lieutenant who works for Morgan Elsbeth on the planet Corvus. Carson Teva is a captain in the New Republic's Starfighter Corps who originated from Alderaan. During the ensuing battle, Winta held the The Child as the children hid in a hut. [76][77] The Armorer has been received positively by fans and reviewers alike, and has been described as a fan favorite. If his calls are answered by another Jedi, he will be trained by that Jedi. The village was frequently attacked by Klatooinian raiders, forcing Winta, Omera, and the villagers to remain hidden to avoid being caught or harmed. [216][223], Mayfeld is portrayed by actor and comedian Bill Burr,[226][227] who was not a fan of Star Wars and repeatedly mocked the franchise and its fans before he accepted the role. [Source]. Skin color Koska is portrayed by Mercedes Varnado.[284]. [52][53], Dr. Pershing is a doctor and scientist affiliated with the Imperial remnant who works with the Client in his attempts to capture the Child. It is requested that this article, or a section of this article, be expanded. [228] Jon Favreau offered the part to Burr, believing his past criticism of the franchise would make his casting that much more amusing. [52][62] The Mandalorian later returns to the Imperial compound to rescue the child, killing all the stormtroopers there and finding Pershing with the Child, who is sedated and strapped into laboratory equipment. [96][100] IG-11's remains are recovered by Kuiil, who repairs and reprograms him. As the Mandalorian parted ways with Dune and Omera, Winta gave the Child a long hug, telling him, "I'll miss you so much,", and watched as they departed the village. Some critics called her unique even among the Star Wars franchise's female characters due to her physicality and combat skills.[119]. Gor Koresh is a Abyssin gangster whom the Mandalorian sought out for information on any Mandalorian sightings in "Chapter 9: The Marshal". The Mandalorian (TV Series 2019– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Unidentified human tribe[1] Games Movies TV Video. [98], Carasynthia "Cara" Dune is a former Rebel shock trooper from Alderaan who became a mercenary after the fall of the Empire. Eye color Vinyl Figures", "The Mandalorian Season 1 Episode 6 – The Prisoner", "The Mandalorian Episode 6: 13 Star Wars Easter Eggs And References You May Have Missed", "Easter eggs you missed in The Mandalorian", "Exclusive: Timothy Olyphant Will Wear Boba Fett's Iconic Armor in, "The Man Behind 'The Mandalorian' Pilot Mask Is a Beloved Canadian Actor", "Sasha Banks Compares Filming 'The Mandalorian' to Her 'First Time Ever Seeing a Wrestling Ring, "The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 5 Cast & Cameos Guide",, Lists of science fiction television characters, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 November 2020, at 00:47. [62][66] This has led to speculation among some fans and writers that Pershing's plans for the Child involve cloning. [162][163] He appears in the episode "Chapter 3: The Sin", where he initially quarrels with the Mandalorian for working with the Empire,[63][164] but later comes to his assistance when the Mandalorian is being attacked. Winta was a human female child who lived in a farming village on the planet Sorgan during the time of the New Republic. [185][188] The two were included on Vulture's list of the show's 15 best cameo appearances from season one, in which writer Jackson McHenry described them as "a delightful pair of goofy villagers". [nb 6] The Federalist writer Brad Jackson suggested the droid's nickname "Zero" could be a reference to a droid named "0-0-0", or "Triple Zero", a murderous droid in the Star Wars: Doctor Aphra comic book series that resembles C-3PO. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. [129], Riot Mar is a bounty hunter who attempts to recover the Child from the Mandalorian in "Chapter 5: The Gunslinger". The Mandalorian met Ahsoka Tano as she was able to interact without words as they can feel each other's thoughts. She was the daughter of Omera. [4], The Child, colloquially referred to by fans and writers as "Baby Yoda", is a young alien of the same species as popular Star Wars character Yoda. [91][92] Several critics have called him the best character on the show,[85][93] and his signature line "I have spoken" became one of the better-known and best-liked lines of dialogue from the series. The "Frog Lady" is a female frog-like creature who appears in "Chapter 10: The Passenger" and "Chapter 11: The Heiress". [236][254] After the team infiltrates the ship and recovers Qin, they lock the Mandalorian in Qin's cell and attempt to abandon him there, but he escapes. He loses a game of sabacc against Peli Motto and points the Mandalorian to his contact, Frog Lady, who can help him him find other Mandalorians. Omera asked the Mandalorian to stay and attempted to remove his helmet but was stopped by him, stating that only the Child belonged here. [185] The two hire the Mandalorian to provide protection from Klatooinian raiders attacking the village. "[128] The character and Sedaris' performance drew acclaim from fans and reviewers,[nb 1] so much so that Sedaris became a trending topic on Twitter after the episode first became available. After Karga confirmed some information, Teva later spoke to Cara Dune where he states that the New Republic is not sure what is happening in the Outer Rim and they won't be able to get to the bottom of it without local support. The village was frequently attacked by Klatooinian raiders, forcing Winta, Omera, and the villagers to remain hidden to avoid being caught or harmed. Seeing the Child happily at play with Winta and the others, the Mandalorian informed Omera that he would leave the Child behind in order to keep him safe. Their stand-off is interrupted by the attack of a Krayt dragon that has been terrorizing Mos Pelgo, and Cobb persuades the Mandalorian to assist him in killing it in exchange for the armor. Her body is later approached by an as-yet-unidentified character. [114] Cara has been received positively by reviewers and fans,[117] and has been described as a feminist role model. 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[65] Pershing's costume includes a patch on his right arm with an insignia similar to one worn by clones in the cloning facility on the planet Kamino in the prequel film Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.

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